On the record with Elijah

On the record with Elijah

Today, instead of a quote I leave prayers and support for rapper Kanye West and his family! RIP Dr. Donda West ~ Elijah
                             On The Record With Elijah

Today YOUR Host of Hosts makes his long awaited return to ECW.com. I received a ton of e-mails from many of you who showed great concern about YOUR Guiding Light in the wake of his absence, but allow me to assure you that all is well and the Elijah Experience is back in full effect. And for those of you who didn't show any concern, I condemn you to an eternity in hell! Quote the Black Pope, "Ah Hah……HaaaaahhhH!"

Things have been pretty strange around here as of late. Man, where do I start? Let's see, I'm a Survivor Series survivor (because I wasn't on it, WTH?), Charles Montgomery Punk continues to avoid me and my quest for the ECW Championship (go figure), and The Wiz, I mean Miz, and Johnny "Walker, Texas Ranger" Morrison are the WWE Tag Champs. What is going on? I guess in a world where two Bush's can be war presidents and the first black president was actually white, anything really can happen!

Did anyone watch the Jacksonville Jaguars in action this weekend against the San Diego Chargers? How about that hit from my homeboy Maurice Drew Jones? Oh My Gawd! For a sec, I thought Maurice Drew Jones was a former member of my New Breed! GO JAGS!

Since I'm on the subject of football, here are mad props to Michael Vick. Vick turned himself in to authorities to begin serving time before he's even been sentenced. Now that's taking initiative, something that many of you out there should start doing. Be responsible for your actions because I can't mask your shortcomings forever. I mean, who do I look like, Moses? God bless that Michael Vick. What a great role model and community leader that guy is. Maybe once he serves his time he can rebound and become a spokesman for Geico commercials! (You still my dawg, Mike!)

A lot of peeps ask me if I hate the "Mastodon Crypt Keeper" Balls Mahoney. Well, actually I don't. You guys have taken my words and twisted them to unbelievable proportions (much like Mahoney's forehead). See, Balls earned my respect at the conclusion of the New Breed vs. Originals feud (Wait, was Balls ever involved?). OK, bad example. See, all was going well until my recent audition, I mean, appearance on Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters. I was doing what I do, and doing it well when all of a sudden someone touches me on my shoulder. I turn around and who's standing there in the dark with a flashlight under his face? That's right, Balls Mahoney! It's one thing to see this guy's face on TV, but try seeing it in the dark with a flashlight shining from under his face, with all three toof showing in a place where more than 230,00 people died!? Just Gawd Awful!!

Need Enlightenment? Need a touch from the Black Pope? Reach out at ECWHOH@yahoo.com

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