By the power of...

By the power of...

"Method is more important than strength, when you wish to control your enemies." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

OK, so where do I start? Britney Spears and mom Lyne reunite? Uhm, no! How about something of importance like me letting my congregation know that I slipped on a banana peel that was left in the ring by Mr. McMahon's "little bastard" Hornswoggle, which inadvertently allowed Tommy Dreamer to catch me in his dreaded DDT on ECW on Sci Fi. My team of expert doctors said I'll recover in no time from my ankle sprain. Some of you asked in your emails if the loss hurt. Of course it hurts! It hurts because I was cheated out of MY chase to No Mercy. It hurt because Dreamer pulled my hair in order to get me in his DDT. It hurt because the referee's count was a little faster than normal. I was ready to kick out but was never given a solid competent three-count!

Now, I'm not one to gossip (did I mention T.D got a hair transplant?), but what's with these folks? You know, the Originals and Die Hards of ECW? Are they blind? Can they not see exactly what I am and what I represent? I represent the Dreamers, the Stevie Richards, the Nunzios and -- as much as it pains me far worse than Dreamer's DDT to say it -- the Balls Mahoneys (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit).

A little bit of them live inside of me and they know it. Why won't they embrace me? I'll tell you why -- because when they look at me, they see their past and they're afraid. They're afraid to become what they once were: Fearless hardcore warriors! I'm that part of Dreamer that once DDT'd that poor Diva in the middle of an ECW ring. I'm the Tazz that broke that guy's neck in an ECW ring. I'm the Mahoney that gets blasted eight times in the center of the ring by a steel chair and kept coming for more (not the one that's down to his last toof!! Just gawd awful)!

Unlike others who say they represent what the Original ECW stands for, I've acknowledged the old ECW, but hastily look forward to reshaping the new ECW! I'm not trying to live in the past. Every time I walk that aisle, I'm walking over those ECW Original warriors' footsteps and laying groundwork of my own. I don't look to appease my predecessors, but rather reduce their involvement in what I shall soon create. I am YOUR Host of Hosts and whether they like it or not, I shall be THEIR Guiding Light! ("Let There Be Light!")

I shall lead THIS ECW to a place in time like never before. I SHALL RULE WITH AN IRON FIST…WITH PRIDE AND WITH PREJUDICE…(holding the 4-UP high in the air)…BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL, I HAVE THE…. Oh sorry, I got a little carried away, but you get my point. If Elijah said it, it shall be done! The Black Pope has spoken!

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