Prophecy or promise

Prophecy or promise

"It might not happen right away, but mark my word it shall come to pass!" - Pastor W.M Goodman

Blowing Smoke? Who's behind questioning the foretold future of Elijah Burke By: Elijah Burke? (Read full story) It was probably some hob-goblet that can't even drink a glass of tequila without pissing all over himself! First off, let me make this very clear, I am the Experienced One! I'm YOUR Host of Hosts and YOUR Guiding Light, The Golden Boy w/ the Silver Tongue, if you will. Know that when I prophesy, it shall come to pass. It may not happen off the bat, but it shall come to pass.

For Example, Martin Luther King Jr. had a "Dream" that he often spoke about and foretold happening. A great many people doubted this great man and the vision he had because they were nearsighted. They expected changes within days, weeks or months. What they didn't understand, much like many of you non-believers, is that prophesies are accompanied by time, which means that in due time, it shall come to pass. We're now a half-century removed from that time, and I think we all know how Doc's prophecy turned out.

Another great visionary is my partna' Vince (cause we're cool like that). A lot of people thought Mr. McMahon was crazy when he foretold of his vision to take a regional company worldwide. It didn't happen overnight, but bah gawd, it happened. Decades later, Mr. McMahon runs a national empire that is recognized globally. Who's crazy now?

Some folks are still envisioning that human and aliens can live together in peace on planet Earth. That time has already come and passed. The aliens landed in Balls Mahoney's mouth as teeth. Too bad they're almost extinct. (They never stood a chance.) Just gawd awful I tell ya!

If anyone is a smoke blower, it's that POSER Charles Montgomery!!! Here's a guy that has a Pepsi tattoo on his arm, but actually drinks Coke! Here is someone who called me a loser because of Unforgiven, but failed to remember his long, rigorous road to the ECW Championship. I've already taken steps to reposition myself, just as CM Punk did, as the No. 1 contender for the ECW Title as evidenced by this past Tuesday's ECW on Sci-fi.

Listen, I'm one for the people. I've inclined my ear to my congregation. I hear them and they hear me. They believe in me, and although it hasn't happen yet, they know that in due time the ECW Championship will be around MY waist. Why? I'll tell you why, because If Elijah said it…It Shall Be Done!!

So, with that being said, since many of you are not believers of MY Word, allow me to leave you with this word of advice: You can either choose to hop aboard the Elijah Express as I rise to the top of ECW…or get run over by the Elijah Express!! That's not a Prophecy, that's a Promise! The Black Pope has spoken!!

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