A Nu Future Ahead

A Nu Future Ahead

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. The future will be better tomorrow." - Dan Quayle

We all knew the day would come -- a day that I long ago prophesied to you, my congregation. A day that would reshape the very foundation of ECW, and no, I'm not talking about when Big Daddy V crashed onto the concrete floor a couple of weeks ago. The day that YOUR Guiding Light is referring to is Unforgiven, where all will witness a prophecy fulfilled. Your Host of Hosts will go into Unforgiven battling all odds and strip Charles Montgomery of the ECW Title, and who knows, I might rip out those piercings if he's stupid enough to wear them into the ring with me.

This has truly been a long time coming. Sure, ol' Pepsi Boy and myself have had our share of battles, but never were they for the ECW Title. I'll give the devil his due and face the facts; when it comes to ECW, there are none better than Elijah Burke and CM Punk. The only problem with the current picture is that your Paragon of Virtue is not wearing the gold. That will all change at Unforgiven.

There couldn't be a better place for me to give the Charles Montgomery 4-UP'side his head because after all that CM has done to me (i.e. lying, backstabbing, politicking with MY New Breed), he needs to know that he'll never be forgiven. I will soon expose Punk for the poser that he is.

Soon, Punk will be back where he belongs and that's a notch or two under Elijah Burke (that Elijah, what a handsome, talented, charismatic, gifted athlete he is). Hey, it won't be too bad. Punk can always go back to working at that carwash on the corner of 8th and Main Street. I heard ol' Pepsi Boy can really wash and shine a car like none other.

Speaking of washing, it appears Kelly Kelly is developing feelings for Balls Mahoney. If that continues any further, she's gonna have the inevitable and unenviable task of washing stinky Balls. Just gawd awful, I tell ya!

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