Name that elbow drop

Name that elbow drop

"All men are born with a nose and ten fingers, but no one was born with the knowledge of a God." - Voltaire

Today, YOUR Host of Hosts returns with another edition of…Knowledge. That's right. When you come and read the Elijah Experience, you leave fulfilled, knowing more than you knew before you clicked the link. Some of you leave knowing that you've become "Experienced," but what many fail to realize is that with experience comes knowledge! So once again, YOUR Guiding Light will attempt to shine his light upon this darkened world in an attempt to help you become just a wee bit more knowledgeable!

Well, so much has happened since the last time we were here. Let's see; I locked myself out of my castle, then I threw my keys in the dumpster while taking out the trash (thankfully there was a leprechaun inside to throw them back at me) and I recently bought the double disc release of Monster Squad (wolfmen have nardz!)! Speaking of doubles, did I mention that I "lub Double-Double E?"

As you all probably know by now, Charles Montgomery won the ECW Title. How great is that? It's the perfect scenario. Now that Mr. A-Lister is no longer the champ, I can go after the Punker with intent. Now, don't get me wrong, I've always had reason to step in the ring with the Ol' Punker even if it was just to give him 4-UP side his straightedged head, but now there's more at stake. My future…YOUR future… the future of ECW, which solely rests on the shoulders of YOUR Paragon of Virtue. With that being said, I look forward to defeating Mr. Straightedge to become the new ECW Champion!! It's either that or you can go watch repeat episodes of me knocking out one of the four of Balls Mahoney's remaining teeth.

"C'mon, Balls!" (cheering while knocking cotton off of my sleeve) "Good job, Balls!" Is there anyone else who's sickened by the whole "Beauty and The Balls" thing? What's wrong with that chick, Kelly? Talk about a test! I, for one, would rather take a Clothesline from Hell, have DX drop crap from the ceiling on me and have Mae Young give me a Bronco Buster with sardines between her legs before being involved with a monster/beast that smells, looks like or slightly resembles Balls Mahoney! But hey, who am I to knock the chick for wanting Balls in her life? Just Gawd awful I tell ya!

Now, finally we get back to the basics! It's time for Face 2 Face.

There have been several e-mails for quite sometime that have questioned the name and origin of the high-elevated elbow drop in the corner. So in this F2F, by popular demand, I'll enlighten you. Well, first, due in large part to my main man, Joey Styles (who said, "Burke was in the Outer Limits with that Elbow Drop"), the name of the move is actually the Outer Limitz Elbow Drop!

The move itself was originated in 2006 while sparring in the ring. It's my wish to be a great wrestler but also a great wrestler that's different and innovative who can also captivate an audience like none other. I believe different is better. There are many ways to do the OLED, but I've only given you one version thus far. So with that being said, keep your eyes on YOUR Guiding Light, there's much more to come!

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