Elijah Burke takes on the media in his latest blog

Elijah Burke takes on the media in his latest blog

"The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses." -- Malcolm X

What in the world is going on with the media nowadays? Has the media truly turned into a fiction-based reality show? Is the media exactly what Mr. McMahon claimed it to be a couple of weeks ago on live TV, when he referred to it as a glorified version of Entertainment Tonight? I can't totally say that's true, but I find myself leaning toward the direction of my homie, Vince. What drives news stations? Ratings! Which is the same exact thing that drives every other form of entertainment on TV. Why else did competing news stations start airing their late news at 10 p.m. instead of 11 p.m., like most? Ratings! They wanna beat the competition and grab viewers first. Ratings equal cash. It's all about "Da Mon-Naye," daddy!

So what's new in the news? Well lets see, there's Michael Vick, 27, who has made a couple of bad decisions, and one that may cause him to lose his lucrative football career. You've probably heard by now that Vick has entered a guilty plea for taking part in a dog fighting operation. Do I condone this barbaric handling of animals? ABSOLUTELY NOT! (Balls Mahoney is excluded from the previous statement.)

I don't know the specifics of what went down, neither does half of the media. However, what I do know is that regardless of the outcome, let justice serve itself and move on. What does his money or how much he will have after paying fines have to do with his crime? He committed a crime. Cover THAT story, stick to the facts and then move on. Here's YOUR Host of Hosts plea to the media; If the media wanna cover something that's newsworthy, cover the fact that Mae Young is 84-years-old, competing in a bathing suit competition, and looks better than half of the women her age. (OK, that's stretching it, but have you seen the women in Kentucky? Just ghastly, I tell ya.)

Cover the fact that I've bought all 10 seasons of The Simpsons and I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Family Guy season five. I won't even mention Nip/Tuck. I love that show. Or how about covering the fact that our President is about as much of a leader as Charles Montgomery is straightedge.You know what I mean? Allow me to explain. Half of the coverage of the media now is nothing but a bunch of gossip and garbage. Half of their news is irrelevant, and is only covered for entertainment purposes. Now, if they really wanna go to an all-time low, maybe they can do a 30-minute, two-month story on YOUR Guiding Light losing to Balls Mahoney last week on ECW on Sci-Fi... Wait a minute, did that really happen? I lost to… Balls?

Envision this scene: Elijah's in shock. [Door opens] Footsteps slowly approaching Elijah as the crackling sound of the wooden floor indicates each step. There's a black crow (I know, I know, why it gotta be black?), looking in afar from the window seal. A cold chill comes across Elijah as he hears a familiar voice in his head saying "By Gawd, King - it's getting cold in here!" Elijah smells a familiar stench in the air — possibly from a King's Cigar. The footsteps inch closer. Elijah begins sweating as he again hears a familiar voice in his head saying, "By Gawd, King - through hell-fire and brimstone!"

Then suddenly, the footsteps fade away. Elijah begins to slowly turn around. Elijah has no idea of what awaits him. Elijah slowly turns around to see a large, dark imposing figure staring down at him in disgust. The dark figure looked away only to stare down Elijah some more. And then… DAMN.

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