'A-list' champion needs a Guiding Light

'A-list' champion needs a Guiding Light

If there's anything that YOUR Host of Hosts hates more than an overbearing wannabe, it's an overbearing wannabe that believes his/her own hype! These types of people are a threat to themselves and others because they can become very delusional. You don't believe me? Allow me to give you an example:

I remember when I was back in middle school, there was a girl named Felicia who was often picked on because of her appearance. Now, it's not that she was really ugly; she just wasn't attractive. (I've always been able to look past the outside of a person and see their inner beauty, unless of course, their name is Balls Mahoney! He's definitely in a league of his own! Leatherface has nothing on the resident "Swinging Chairman of ECW"!)

But, no matter what other people thought, Felicia knew her stuff didn't stink. So me, being the genuine person that I am, I decided to be helpful and try to befriend her. She looked at me, laughed hysterically, and basically told me that I wasn't in her league.

WHAT?!!! Who or what gave her that right? Wasn't this the same girl that was being picked on because her Jeri curls smelled like the sour overlap of a 500 pound hillbilly? Wasn't this the same girl whom they picked on for having what was referred to as "railroad tracks" (metal braces) in her mouth? What gives? I tried to make her feel better about herself, and all she did was spit on my efforts! To this day, I'm curious to find out if she got that wandering eye of hers fixed?

Fast forward years later, and I‘m faced with another person that's very delusional. Someone who thinks of himself to be more than he really is. This person is the so called wannabe A-lister, Johnny Nitro.

After recently being drafted over to ECW from Raw during the WWE Supplemental Draft on WWE.com, Nitro became the new ECW World Champion, which only added to his massive ego. I agree that Nitro has talent, and yes, he's hung out with the recently- released prisoner Paris Hilton (who hasn‘t?), but an A-Lister? NOT!

Nitro has entered into a whole new world. There will be no red carpets or paparazzi or flashing cameras in the Land of the Extreme! In ECW, there will be kendo sticks, chairs and tables! And if this overbearing, self-centered new champ continues to think more of himself than he really is, he might have to deal with YOUR Guiding Light and/or my New Breed. If that happens, he'll finally get the publicity that he so diligently seeks, but as a "C-lister," because he'll be another "casualty" of an Elijah Experience!

Questions, Comments and/or concerns? Reach out to your Paragon of Virtue at ECWHOH@yahoo.com . Next Week, Face to Face returns. For those interested in YOUR Guiding Light doing Face 2 Face in living color via video feed, then let it be known.

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