A New Member of the New Breed?

A New Member of the New Breed?

"Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other." ~ Benjamin Franklin


Today, YOUR Host of Hosts proudly presents to you the return of The Elijah Experience to ECW.com. It's been a week since the full Draft was complete, and I thought I'd wait it out just a little longer to make sure there weren't any "after the draft is over" drafts! I will say that I'm a given raw piece of talent for any of the three shows, however, I've yet to complete the mission that was bestowed upon me in ECW. Once that mission has been completed, and the vision fulfilled, then shall a new era begin.


Man, so much has happened since the last time I was here, that I don't even know where to begin. Justice was finally served somewhat as the heir to the Hilton empire, Paris Hilton, was booked in jail and almost immediately released. Gee, if you compare that to wrestling time, her stay lasted about as long as an Umaga vs. Balls Mahoney match -- and we all know how that turned out! Luckily, the judge had a pair of grapefruits and ordered Paris back to jail to finish the remainder of her time.


Due to the WWE Draft, ECW has inquired quite a crop of new young Superstars. Who knows? I might consider adding one or two into MY New Breed. One Superstar has been trying to gain my attention for quite sometime as you may recall from my 3-02-07 EE:


NEWS ALERT!!!! Your Paragon of Virtue has received numerous of e-mails in regard to a certain Superstar that is not on the ECW roster who is claiming to be the next member of the New Breed. Let me be the first to say that those rumors are not true. However, this certain Superstar has been inquiring about the New Breed and sort of trying to plant seeds for a possible future with the New Breed. This person put yours truly up in his/her condo during my trip to Hollywood as an act of loyalty. Can you blame him/her? The New Breed has arrived, and we're serving everyone our own dose of reality checks … Hoo-Rah!!!!!


So, has this certain Superstar's persistence paid off? Or is it time for him to receive a reality check via an Elijah Express or Pouncccceeeee … Period!?


ECW has also gained another Superstar who played a role in the old ECW, a man named Chris Benoit. Let me say this: I respect everything that the Wolverine has accomplished in his career and in the old ECW, but this is the NEW ECW under my Guiding Light. And anything that is a part of the old ECW is considered Original, and if you're an Original, then you're an enemy of mine and MY New Breed. I think it's in Benoit's best interest to seek removal from the Land of the Extreme, or he will suffer the same fate of many Originals that I've personally sent packing!


Last, but certainly not least, I, along with the rest of you was at a total loss of words following the horrific explosion involving my dear friend, Mr. McMahon. I don't know much; I only know what you know. But in the mean time, please respect the wishes of my dear friends, the McMahon family, and respect their privacy!

Don't agree with me? In need of my Guiding Light? Send your questions, comments and concerns to ECWHOH@yahoo.com.

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