Oh my ... gone!

Oh my ... gone!

"Be open to your dreams, people. Embrace that distant shore because our mortal journey is over all too soon." -- David Assael

Just wanna send some love out to R&B Legend Eddie Levert (The O'Jays and Levert Family) who recently lost his son Sean Levert. He was only 39 years old. Gerald Levert, Eddie's oldest son, died about a lil' over a year ago at the age of 40. My prayers are with the Levert Family (and anyone else dealing with a loss at this time).

Speaking of losses (obviously to a lesser degree), ECW recently lost its voice with the removal of Joey Styles from the broadcasting position. Joey will now be overseeing this very site, which can only mean good things for YOUR Guiding Light. Joey, thank you for all the memories; you'll have big shoes to fill, friend! (I'm so laughing hard right now!)

How 'bout some good news from the music world. Have you heard that new Mariah Carey jam, "Touch My Body"? OH MY GOSH! (Sorry Joey, you stole it from Hall of Famer Gordon Solie, anyways.) Mariah only has to tell me that once, if you get my grip! Check out the video if you get the chance. There's this lead character/nerd that looks just like ECW's resident "King of Not!" The Miz!

And how 'bout that big "Slobber Knocker" between my peeps Barack and Hillary? This thing is something serious, right? Look people, we all fuss and fight. It's totally normal when there's a competition, plus that's what family and friends do. It's no big deal. As it was once said, "God created family so we didn't have to fight with strangers." It's typical American culture. For instance, I drop kicked my grandma last week. She removed her dentures, placed them in her hand and THEN bit me! (I guess her teeth in her hands were more powerful that way) That's how we get down. But seriously, I would rather have someone leading me who is normal and subject to mistakes than someone who has NEVER done any wrong or made any mistakes. Because let's face it, if you've never been wrong or made any mistakes, then how can you correct the mistakes and problems of this country? It's all fun and games 'til the sheet gets lifted. Yippee Kiyaee! ... I'm gonna trust the common man ... or woman ... on this one! Don't forget, SmackDown Your Vote!

So check this out. I was in the gym the other day and I was watching some TV show while doing cardio. Why did some dude go into a beauty school to rob the place only to be beating up by … MOMS? Lol. I kid you not; it was all caught on tape. He went into the school with a handgun only to run into some mothers that were built like linebackers. These mothers were channeling John Wayne and they weren't taking any crap! I saw some lady who kept smiling at the camera, that was about one toof shy of good ol' Ballsy! (I immediately alerted the Wildlife Association and they are on the case, these creatures are rare!)

There's an old saying where I'm from that can be used as a "warning" when faced with a possible physical altercation which goes, "You may walk over, but you're gonna limp back!" Well, that wasn't the case with this guy because he walked in. but was rolled out on a stretcher by EMTs, neck brace and all. He should have mad street cred once he's released from prison, huh? One mom in particular did an interview afterward with the local news and she had a two-by-four in her hand and said, "I told them to let me have'em; I wanted him for myself," referring to the criminal. How awesome would it have been if she finished the interview by holding the two-by-four up in the air and yelling, "HOOOOOOO!!"

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