One last Flair

One last Flair

Editor's Note: First thing's first. Yes, I'm very pissed off right now and for very good reason. Most of you know, as you've been writing to me about it. Just keep an eye on YOUR Black Pope... I've heard your plea!

"To be the man!" --  "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, WrestleMania XXIV

OK. I'm gonna try to get through this without getting too emotional. I wanted to wait a minute before I wrote my next Experience due to the fact that I've been a "Tear crying, scary plane riding, collard greens dining, Frosted Flakes eating, still no justice seeking, son of a gun!" Why, you wonder? Because of one man, actually; The Man, Ric Flair. I really didn't wanna focus on the Naitch in this Experience but I do feel that if I address it now, then I won't have to do so later. So here's one last Flair.

It was just two months ago that I had my match with the "Nature Boy." I remember it like it was yesterday. I couldn't believe that I was wrestling one of my favorite wrestlers (second only to Dusty Rhodes) in the main event on ECW on Sci-Fi. I was overcome with emotion. I remember being chopped by Flair for the very first time and it was equivalent to graduation, or getting my first car, or hell, getting my first piece of ... Naugggggh!!!!!

But you get the point. That chop felt so good that he could've chopped me all night long. I wouldn't have cared because I was in the ring being chopped by the greatest wrestler that ever lived... Period! (I just looked over my shoulder to make sure there wasn't a pounce coming my way.) After the chops, it was the Figure Four Leg Lock. I tell you what, go back and watch the tape and tell me if you've ever seen a Figure Four Leg Lock look so good. The honor was all mine.

After the match, I remember not being able to walk, not because of the Figure Four (which hurt like hell), but because I was torn up on the inside. I couldn't let the world see what I was feeling. I mustered up enough strength to limp out of the arena while keeping that new breeder face in tact, only to get to the back and break down. The tears just started coming and coming. I couldn't stop crying and for once, it wasn't because of Balls Mahoney's body odor. Just bloody awful, I tell ya!

The truth is, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be in the ring with Naitch. I knew Flair's career could possibly end with his next match, which prompted me to hope and pray (seriously) that I would have the opportunity to wrestle one of my heroes. Sure, I could've beat Flair, but I wanted him to stick around a little bit longer, Shawn.

After the match, I realized that I had just wrestled Flair for the very first and possibly last time. If you watched Wrestlemania XXIV, I think we all know that the above held true. I thank(ed) Flair for giving me the "Experience of a lifetime" and thanked him for being the standard bearer to which all wrestlers will be measured by. That night will be cherished by me forever as one of my greatest accomplishments. No matter what I accomplish in this business/life or don‘t, I can always say that I wrestled the greatest wrestler ever! That can never be taken away from me!

Flair's status in this industry will never be surpassed or duplicated. He's truly one of a kind and will always be held as the greatest wrestler of all time. So now that he's officially retired, that means I will never get a chance to avenge my loss, soooooooooooo...

Memo to Flair: I've heard some rumblings that Reid Flair is thinking about coming up to the big time? You might wanna re-route him because should he ever step foot in a WWE ring with me, I'm gonna poke 'em in his eyes, crotch kick 'em, chop 'em, give 'em hell and kick his @ss all night long…WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! The Black Pope Has Spoken!

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