Initial experience

Initial experience

In this brand-new exclusive feature, Elijah Burke shares with you a unique experience, the "Elijah Experience." Be sure to check back each week for the latest entry from Elijah.

Once again, yours truly is making history. After introducing the "Elijah Experience" to the world via TV, the movement continues because YOUR host of hosts and YOUR guiding light has brought his Experience(s) to (It appears someone's New Years Resolution was to liven up this joint.)

Speaking of New Years Resolutions, I wonder who started this weird tradition. Obviously, it was someone who lived a life of disappointments, filled with excuses, until one day he/she decided that a change was needed and that day just happened to be Jan.1.

Question: Why is it that one will live 364 days of the year not fulfilling a goal only to say on the 365th day that a certain goal will be fulfilled for the upcoming year?

Answer: Because that person isn't a goal-oriented person that strives for the best on a daily basis.

New Years Resolutions are goals that people place before themselves hoping to achieve throughout the upcoming year. But dig this. If I'm born on (lets just say….April 11th) and my B-day arrived, wouldn't that be a new year? Wouldn't Oct.1, 2006 to Oct .1, 2007 be a new year?

In case you're too dense to see where I'm going with this, every day that you lay down and wake up is a new year. Therefore, each day of your life you should be making New Year's Resolutions... goals! If a person lives life and isn't goal-oriented, then he/she is like a boat out in the middle of the sea without a steering handle. They'll only go whichever way the wind and currents take them and most just end up shipwrecked. Get my grip?

So to all of you New Year's "Resolutioners," get off that couch and get in bed. Stop walking and get a Hoveround Scooter. Stop teasing yourself with yogurt and treat yourself to double fudge ice cream. Stop eating Weight Watchers and start loading up on fried chicken. No need to antagonize yourself because if 364 days isn't enough time for you to get it together, then you never will! Take my word for it; if Elijah said it... it shall be done!!!!

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