Punk not going to get a celebrity pass

Punk not going to get a celebrity pass

I was recently informed by my personal agent, who happens to be in Hollywood searching out acting gigs for YOUR Guiding Light, that movie industry insiders are gearing up for an epic battle at the box office. This battle will not be to see which movie will outdo the other on opening weekend since one has already debuted; it's more to see if the third installment of each movie would outgross the other, that being Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.


Both hold great box office records, with Spider-Man 3 unseating Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest as the all-time highest grossing weekend opening movie ever. I'm no Ebert & Roeper, but I think it goes without saying that Pirates is ARRRRRRguably one of the most innovative movie franchises of all-time that caters to the masses, while Spider-Man caters to comic book fans. Therefore, if I had to give my two cents, I'd say that the Pirates movie will crush little Spidey at the box office much like Balls Mahoney crushed his teeth while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops! Poor Balls -- I think he's down to three teeth now!


To follow up on last week's Experience, there's an old saying where I come from, especially in the circles of law enforcement that simply goes, "If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime." Remember that? Well could someone please tell me if that means anything anymore? Does that saying still hold any merit? In case ya don't know what I'm referring to, I'm talking about the heiress of the Hilton clan, Paris Hilton!


It seems that little Paris got off easier than predicted. She'll only be serving half of the ridiculous sentence that was given to her. Will that be the case with Charles Montgomery Punk? You bet your bologna sandwich that's not the case!!!!!!!


Here's what I think of Charles Montgomery. On May 8, after being caught shoplifting, two individuals were ordered by a judge to stand outside of Wal-Mart for two consecutive Saturdays for four hours, wearing a sign that read, "I'm a thief. I stole out of Wal-Mart!" Now, that's a method that I agree with to a certain extent. If these were kids, then it would have been a great deterrent. But these were adults. Give them their Paris Hilton-like time to serve (which is about the same sentence this crime warrants) and let them save face. It's not like it was Dillard's or Belk's or even Hot Topic! It's Wal-Mart! I've supported Wal-Mart enough; they shouldn't even miss those little measly dollars!


But seriously, we've all made mistakes and done things that we are not proud of. Unless the guilty are habitual offenders, I see no need to tear an individual down even more by having hundreds of people ridicule them and make fun of them in public. That is, of course, unless it's something that the guilty party is proud of -- which brings me back to Charles Montgomery Punk!


I think the above-mentioned punishment is far better for someone like CM Punk because he's proud of the crime that he committed against YOUR Paragon of Virtue! He took pride in lying to get into my New Breed only to try and break up my happy home. What did I do to him except reach out to a poor lost soul? Charles Montgomery took pride in kicking me in the head (literally) when I was down...and you call THAT "Str8-Edged?"


You know what? Forget it! There's no need to have CM Punk walk around with a sign on him because after all of the cowardly, backstabbing, dastardly acts that he's committed, it's obvious that he's a walking billboard that simply reads, "Hi, I'm Charles Montgomery…. and I'm A PUNK!"


Here's this week's Face 2 Face:


Kelsey writes:  "My question for you is: Do you plan on getting new members of the New Breed? Or are you satisfied with the three members now?"


ECWHOH Replies: Keep your eyes open. The only thing sure when it comes to me and My New Breed is that nothing is for sure!


Samantha from Tennessee writes: "What does Eligah Burke have against CM Punk?? Personally I love CM he is my hero but, you never see Eligah Burke fighting and you always see CM fighting which is what he loves!! So Eligah all I can say is don't be haten!! Thanks!!"


ECWHOH Replies: Samantha, report to Matt Striker's Classroom…IMMEDIATELY!!!

Editors note: Don't agree with me? In need of my Guiding Light? Send your questions, comments and concerns to ECWHOH@yahoo.com.

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