Don't always believe the hype

Don't always believe the hype

Today, YOUR Host of Hosts finds himself writing about something that appeared to be much anticipated for many, but ended up being an utter embarrassment for one Brady Quinn. The NFL draft has come and gone within the blink of an eye, much like Balls Mahoney's teeth, but the look of disbelief and disappointment of the Quinn family will be talked about for weeks to come (again, much like Balls Mahoney).


Brady Quinn, the college quarterback for Notre Dame, was a sure Top 10 first round pick for this year's NFL draft -- or so he thought. Quinn was one of few college players who felt comfortable enough to make the trip to New York to appear in person for the NFL draft, where there's lights, cameras and media coverage from around the world. To do something like this, one must feel really good about his chances of being picked in the top 10 because if not, then obviously you end up becoming the laughing stock of the draft. I witnessed this very thing happen as I watched many NFL teams, including those that could've used Quinn, pass him up.


Quinn's credentials are indeed somewhat impressive, but they are nothing legends are made of. That's why he should've kept his overzealous butt at home with his family and awaited the call. Instead, after sitting and waiting for what seemed like an eternity (I know I for one had flown from New York to Florida, went to the beach, took a dip, laid out in the sun to freshen up my tan, drove home, took a nap and awoke only to see Quinn still sitting and waiting to be drafted). He had to put on this phony smile and fight back the tears of shame and embarrassment, wondering if he'll ever be able to forgive himself and prove to the world that he was indeed worth the hype.


This reminds me of a recent draft that was held back in February. With all the happenings that were going on in ECW, there was a need for something -- or someone -- that could raise the standard and take things to a new level. Someone who could shine some light into the dark world that was ECW. A new direction was in effect, and the Chairman of the Board, the current ECW Champion, and my personal dawg, Mr. McMahon, knew that there was only one person who could represent the brand and take ECW to a new extreme. When draft time came, Vince (because we kool like that) chose YOUR Guiding Light, YOUR Paragon of Virtue, The Future, The Golden Boy with the Silver Tongue…Elijah Burke!


In I came, with no hype and no media. It wasn't needed. I came in with my confidence intact and my pure raw athletic ability. I let my actions in the ring do the talking. I could get on the mic and go on and on about how great I am, but what for? We all know how great I am.


But just think, what would have happened if Mr. McMahon had chosen someone who was nothing but a bunch of hype like that Quinn kid to lead ECW into the future? Someone who boasted sub par credentials with NO intelligence and NO physical prowess, not to mention NO million-dollar smile? Someone who has already damaged his creditability by proving to the world that he's a backstabbing yellow-bellied coward? Someone like CM Punk! (Now I kinda of feel bad for linking Quinn and Punk together because at least Quinn has a pair!)


Just weeks ago, I held my own draft. I must admit that I made a mistake by drafting someone who had a little hype behind him, CM Punk, into the New Breed. I gave Charles Monroe Punk a platform to showcase his skillz, and he failed. Much like Quinn, Charles Monroe's credentials are somewhat impressive to some, but they're nothing that legends, including myself, are made of. After seeing what this "Punk" had to offer -- and believe me it wasn't much -- I realized that he would have to fall in line and be assigned to a lower position in the New Breed than what we originally had agreed upon. I told Charles Monroe that he could start by carrying my bags and shining my shoes to work his way up the ladder, but in the meantime, he would be under the direct supervision of Matt Striker.


The moral behind this story is this: Don't always believe the hype! One must always prove himself worthy of his mettle! I've done it, which is why I'll have gold around my waist real soon! Brady Quinn must do it, as well as Charles Monroe Punk. Wait a minute … CM Punk has indeed earned his mettle. And I assure you that I will soon do the honors and personally crown him with that mettle -- a metal chair right upside his head!


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