New Breed expanding?

New Breed expanding?

NEWS ALERT!!!! Your Paragon of Virtue has received numerous e-mails in regards to a certain Superstar that is not on the ECW roster, but is claiming to be the next member of the New Breed. Let me be the first to say that those rumors are not true. However, this certain Superstar has been inquiring about the New Breed, and sort of trying to plant seeds for a possible future with the New Breed. This person put yours truly up in his/her condo during my trip to Hollywood as an act of loyalty. Can you blame him/her? The New Breed has arrived, and we're serving everyone our own dose of reality checks... Hoo-Rah!!!!!

For those of you that wrote in regards to my health during ECW's tour of New Zealand, know that YOUR Host of Hosts and YOUR Guiding Light survived the trip to the Land Down Under. I still suffered with the sniffles during the trip, and was unable to breathe for most of the tour. I was more than willing to take my doctor's advice, which was to stand next to Balls Mahoney for five minutes to open up my nasal area. Unfortunately, the airlines wouldn't allow unidentified specimens to travel aboard the aircraft, needless to say, Balls did not make the trip. Is it me, or did Balls Mahoney's physical appearance look 10 times worse than normal this past Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi? Geez, he actually surprised me because I honestly didn't think he could look any more hideous than he normally does. Poor Balls!

Now that the so-called month to honor African-Americans has come and gone within the blink of an eye, I guess I'll return to shining my light on some LLM in this issue of Face 2 Face.

Now, let's get to this week's Face 2 Face:

Adam Fox writes: Rob Van Dam owns you. The New Breed will never beat the old school die hard ECW Originals. They may be old school, but they can still fight, and they will send you and the rest of the New Breed running with your tails between your legs.

ECWHOH replies: I don't think I've ever read such a double-sided compliment in my life. LOL. What ECW program have you been watching lately? I do, however, agree with two of your three comments. Yes, they are old school, and yes, they are old, but they will not send the New Breed running with our tails tucked. We are running. However, we're running towards the Originals as we're bringing the fight to the old fossils.

Brad writes: I was wondering if you have any famous Superstars' e-mail addresses. Thank you.

ECWHOH replies: Let me tell you something!! I'm the only Superstar whose e-mail address you need. I mean, ask your mom, she'd tell you how much of a Superstar I am, and how much of a star I made her feel a while back. Maybe I should release the videotape of that night -- you just might be able to see how you were conceived!!

Editor's note: Don't agree? Questions, comments or concerns? Write and go Face 2 Face with YOUR Paragon of Virtue.

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