Candy-Coated, No. 9

Candy-Coated, No. 9

This week: My everything

It was a sweet week for me as I write about many different flavors.

At Unforgiven, I had gone up against Beth Phoenix for my biggest challenge yet! I once again had sweet success. Wow! Woooooohooooo! What a beautiful thing it was for me to outsmart the Glamazon and use her power move to my advantage. Quite honestly, it was the hardest match yet where I defended my title. The strength and power of Beth Phoenix is evident. However, I also showed that I was prepared in strategy and quickness. I may have a few chunks of hair missing, but who cares when I am still holding my title high! This is because I give "My Everything."

I was in church and heard the message about "My Everything." This message really hit home with me on many levels. When I was overseas, I had a wonderful opportunity on out 20-hour flight home to chat with John Cena. I was able to open up to him on my loves and fears of this business. He said to me, "Kid, the bug has bit you, and it's a wonderful thing." He could see in my eyes (as they filled with tears), that I loved what I was doing. I had the most amazing time overseas in South Africa. I knew and he could see that I am giving "My Everything" for my passion as WWE's Women's Champion! I don't know if you have ever felt a strong passion for something, but it really overtakes you in an amazing way. You will see that I will give "My Everything" to hold this title high! My best wishes to John Cena through his recovery. He will be truly missed.

It's weird how people come together, and the bonds you build with them. While in church, there was a woman who has cancer and was about to go in for her last chemotherapy treatment. The pastor asked us all to raise our hands to her and pray for her returned health. It was an amazing feeling in that auditorium. Even though she was sick, tears of happiness were present because of the support, love and faith of us all pulling together. In the same way, many hands of support have been lifted to me, and I am overwhelmed with happiness. "Raise your hands up, raise your hands up."

So much support was shown to me when we were in my hometown of Milwaukee! It was a beautiful homecoming! It was my birthday, another year older and more wise! Wooohoo! Thanks for all the beautiful messages sent to me. I had an exciting match teaming with my pal, Jeff Hardy. Hooooooo!! The excitement, glow sticks, my personal Jeff Hardy choker, and my hometown cheering "We want Candice! We want Candice!" Ohh, it gives me shivers remembering how amazing that felt! Thanks to all the wonderful "Cheeseheads" for their support! Beth may have gotten the best of me there, but it isn't the last she will see of me! (Also, thanks to Jeff for making sure I was OK!)

Finishing that last sweet bite as No Mercy approaches, I would love to hear fan comments on my frickin' rad new logo. Together with WWE, we have teamed up to present it to you. It's two angel wings (guardian angels) centered by my heart! It all comes together for me in one word: Faith!

"Faith is the conviction of things hoped for and the belief of things not seen." I have faith in myself, my dreams and God. Your comments mean the world to me, and with this first logo and my life journey, I am getting my first tattoo!

Please vote what and where my first tattoo should be:

1. On my inner wrist saying, "Faith."
2. On my lower back, "Angel Wings With Heart."
3. Angel wings on my right lower stomach.

Tattoos are forever, and that's exactly why I'm willing to give "My Everything."

As Jeff Hardy would say, "Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo"!

The Champ,

Candice Michelle

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