Candy-Coated, No. 3

Candy-Coated, No. 3

This Week: Some belated Valentine's love and the differences (or similarities) between the "Candy-Clutch" and "California Dreaming"

Welcome to a sweet and sour edition of Candy-Coated! I hope that love was in the air for everyone and you had a fabulous Valentine's Day! xoxo

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Candy is sweet, but
Candy-Coated reveals the inside scoop for you!

A few weeks ago I tried to publish a real Candy-Coated blog that was not allowed on I took this blog straight to the top and thankfully got approval for you guys to read! I wanted to share my real feelings and thoughts with the fans.

A few weeks ago when I was away from Raw to film Greatest Super Bowl Commercials with Daisy Fuentes, I had mentioned how I TiVo'd Raw to watch when I got home.

What you didn't get to read is my reaction to the women's match, Melina vs. Maria.

I was so fired up to see the finisher that Melina tried to claim as hers was a move that I had come up with and been using on previous live events!

I had called it the "Candy-Clutch," while she stole it and called it "California Dreaming." I think she was confused ‘cause I reside in California, and maybe she was dreaming of being me!!!

It really bothered me to watch this on TV when the fans don't realize how much I'm working on becoming a better wrestler. Melina can only steal moves but in reality she can never be me!

Although I was shocked to see this, it gave me extreme pleasure and confidence to know that I am learning this sport. Enough with the BS that the real Divas have to deal with!

The revenge will be sweet, when I can start to show the fans what I have been learning and how I'm improving. Most importantly, I will show the paparazzi what they really wanna see, my sexy new wrestling outfits!

Quote of the day:
If you don't go for your dreams, someone else will!

Sweat dreams-
Candice Michelle

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