Candy-Coated, No. 1

Candy-Coated, No. 1

This week: Go Daddy goodies and it's ass-kicking time again!

Welcome to the first edition of Candy-Coated. Even though this blog may have a hard outside shell you will always find something juicy on the inside! Let's keep it real.

I'm sorry to say I missed all of the wonderful fans this week in Dallas, Texas. Instead I was in Miami, Fla., filming for the show 50 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials (which airs on the CBS network the evening of Feb. 2 -- check your local listings).

I am excited to say that I have been invited as a Super Bowl icon. Wow, what an honor! I will be attending the party and I'll be interviewed by Daisy Fuentes. I was shocked to be called a Super Bowl icon, and flattered to be attending this party with Daisy.

We have done it again this year. Go Daddy had two commercials rejected, (‘cause one was 2hot for TV) but the third one was the charm. We will be in this year's Super Bowl with another awesome commercial. Not only will we be in it once in the first quarter, but we also have a second spot in the fourth quarter. Yippie!

Also, if that isn't enough, we'll top it off with a third one post game.

I am happy to inform you that also featured in the commercial will be Danica Patrick, (Indy racer) and the boys from the OCC (American Chopper).

I had the opportunity to work with all of these guys and it was awesome. We had such a blast filming this commercial. I think we are all racy in our own kind of way. (For everyone over 18, there's always an Internet only version…Yeeaahhh!).

I hope everyone will enjoy a frosty beverage during the Super Bowl and buy TiVo for the sexiest commercial, (it's sexier in slooooooooow motion!) this Sunday, Feb. 4.

This has been a great month for me. Not only because the Go Daddy commercial was accepted, but I returned to the ring. It was exhilarating to get back especially against Victoria and Melina.

I had never felt anything like breaking my nose when Victoria kneed me in the face. However, I thank her for making me come back stronger than ever. I am pumped up and motivated to kick some ass!

It was sweet revenge to hear the ref count 1-2-3 when I had the "Widow's Peak Freak" pinned.

In celebration I went out and had the sexiest new wrestling outfits made, so stay tuned for my next match. I said it once before, "You can bet your sweet ass that you haven't seen the last of me!"

Sweet dreams-
Candice Michelle

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