Candy-Coated, No. 11

Candy-Coated, No. 11

What's up y'all? Just wanted to catch everyone up on my status, and felt compelled to write after watching the amazing Royal Rumble on Sunday. Wow! What a show! From the beginning to the end, the only thing I would have changed was me not being there. It started off with a bang with Flair winning (I think I would cry if he retired!), and ended with a surprise that had me jumping on my couch (literally), John Cena's return! I was shocked, and so excited to see him back healthy. Wow, what a speedy recovery! It got me fired up and wishing I was already back, too.

So the big question: Why am I not back yet?

The doctors told me I'd be out for 6-8 weeks at the emergency room. Then, the orthopedist said 8-12 weeks. Now, it's at 14 weeks and the fracture is still not fully healed. I had my X-rays a week ago, and while it is healing, the rate has been slowed down. Right where the break is, my chest muscle attaches to my collarbone. Normal daily activities move this area, and the process takes more time. I also had an MRI of my shoulder and biceps muscle, and they found contusions in both. Thankfully, they are minor and will heal with time, too! The doctor has said it could be a few weeks or a month -- but I don't know what to believe when it comes to time frames. It's very frustrating and mostly disappointing to me. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. "Faith!" I apologize to the fans who have expected me to be back already due to time frames, but believe me, I've tried to push the doctor to get me back. (Not even flirting works! LOL.) The bottom line is this fracture healing and coming back healthy and strong!

This week is always an interesting week as Super Bowl approaches. Unfortunately, I won't see the Packers, but I will be in Phoenix doing some PR for, which is always exciting! We will have a commercial this year, maybe even two. There were about nine that were rejected due to language like "beaver," and some that are just too hot for TV. You can see both commercials and the director's cut at on Super Bowl day, and at with behind-the-scenes footage.

Thank y'all for the love and support during my recovery. Keep the "faith," and I'll see ya soon!

Candice Michelle

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