Cash for questions with Candice

Cash for questions with Candice

In Cash For Questions in July's WWE Magazine, Candice reaches deep inside our mailbag and pulls out questions about cheap dates, bitchy Divas, Easy-Bake ovens, Hooters and girls who fake it. Luckily, got their hands on some exclusive content from the question-and-answer session. Check it out now:

Ballpark figure, how many hours per day are you nude?
Coach Z., Cleveland, Ohio
At least a few hours each day. But, I'm more of a thong/wife beater girl when it comes to being around the house. If you changed it to "semi-nude," I'd say at least half the day. In fact, I just got back from a flight, and my pants are coming off right now…

Now that you're kicking ass in the ring, do you own more wrestling boots than shoes?
G. Leonard, New York, N.Y.

I only have one pair of wrestling boots. Buying them was really exciting, because it was my first step toward making my mark in the ring. They have my initials on the side, and they're getting really broken in. I think I own about 100 pairs of shoes but, in this case, it's quality, not quantity.

You're hot and stuff, but do you really think you can hack it in the ring with the rest of the WWE Divas? They're pretty tough.
Cant_Eat_Standing_Up_457, Via e-mail
Absolutely. The best part about the challenge is that people underestimate me. They don't know what I can do in that ring. In high school, I played every sport there was. In fact, I had scholarship offers from several different colleges. I was into boxing, and now I do Muay Thai kickboxing. People think I'm just some model/actress from L.A. That's not where I'm from, though. It's just where I moved to.

Honestly, what have you brought to WWE other than dancing in a circle and looking damn fine while doing it?
Jack J. J., Columbus, Ga.

Well, first off, thank you for that compliment. What I've brought, and what I'm still bringing, is the fact that I can be hot, sexy and still mean business. When I'm in a match, I'm in it to win. I've heard plenty of critics saying that Divas are nothing but eye-candy. Stuff like that just makes me want to show people what I really have to offer.

Who would you assume is the better kisser: Torrie, or Victoria?
Brandon D., Tallahassee, Fla.

Victoria's pretty rough. She might bite my tongue off. I like a nice, soft, passionate kiss, so I'd have to go with Torrie. Now, in the bedroom would be a different story. If I was looking to get down and dirty, Victoria would be the woman for the job.

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