In the Cards for 12/21/06

This week, the cards tell a most interesting story.

As the 2007th year approaches, we must reflect on the past for the cards to show us the future. The cards reveal an austere, dark new year for the ECW fan-favorite Rob Van Dam. He tries to defy predestination in attempt after attempt at becoming the ECW World Champion. Unfortunately for Rob Van Dam, he cannot alter his bleak fate.

The poor ECW Original should take a lesson in losing from his friend, Tommy Dreamer; for Dreamer has learned when he has met his match and when he should remain on his back. Mr. Van Dam must get out of the way and let someone like Kevin Thorn, who was robbed of his opportunity at the title, get a fair run at Lashley. If Rob Van Dam insists on living in denial, he is doomed to repeat the past.

Oh, don't thank me for relaying the future. Thank the cards, for they tell all.


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