In the Cards for 11/30/06

This week the cards tell a most interesting story. A story of the Extreme Elimination Chamber. One champion, five challengers. Every man for himself.

The cards tell that the advertising of every man for himself might be a little misleading. Paul Heyman has stacked his own deck of cards in favor of Big Show. While CM Punk, Lashley, Sabu and Rob Van Dam will all be fighting each other and Big Show, Test will be on Big Show's side, standing by the Extreme Giant, in hopes of one day being passed the torch as the ECW World Champion.

My cards tell me that deception may be in the air, and Test may be a bit impatient in his grooming period to be champion. For if the bell tolls for Big Show, it will be Test ringing the bell and ringing in a new era as ECW World Champion.

Oh, don't thank me for telling you the future, for all I've done is read to you the story as told by the cards.


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