In the Cards for 10/26/06

This week, the Tarot cards tell the tale of an interesting story. For with All Hallow's Eve dominating my thoughts, the cards let us know that Rob Van Dam should go trick-or-treating as the ECW World Champion because that's as close as he'll get to holding the title again.

RVD will never progress over Big Show and will never outsmart the Messiah Paul Heyman. This is not my opinion. Rob Van Dam's fortunes are told by the cards and the cards say that RVD will fall short in his quest to regain the championship that he thinks defines him.

Perhaps Van Dam would like to try his hand against Kevin Thorn, for my vampire knows exactly how to deal with the likes of Rob Van Dam. The result will be the same as that with the World's Largest Athlete, but at least I will be in the picture too.

And that's no trick…that's all treat.


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