In the Cards for 05/17/07

In the Cards for 05/17/07

This week tells a most exposing story for all of those who walk in the world of sports-entertainment.

The great leader of the land has called this week Judgment Week for one Bobby Lashley. Justice will be served by the Chairman as he ensures the former ECW World Champion will experience the hell he has doomed himself to. Lashley's waist will forever be naked, and that will be determined at Judgment Day.

The jury is made up of the cards this week, and the cards reveal that this is not only Judgment Week for one man, but for all who dare to voyage in the land of the squared circle.

One cocky faction leader in the extreme land of Superstars will be judged. His opponent will receive a lesson in judgment as well, as will all participants.

There is not a single being who can escape the jury in Judgment Week. When the verdict is in, it will be my Kevin Thorn who stands tall at the summit of all titans. There is no way around it; this week, all will be judged.

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