In the Cards for 05/10/07

In the Cards for 05/10/07

This week, the cards tell a story of strategy and intellectual power. It is the power exuded by the new World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

It may require strength and physical talent for a man to come as far as Edge has, but it takes something else to give oneself those opportunities. The new World Heavyweight Champion has played his cards well, creating an opening for him to obtain the prized treasure protected by the hopeful Mr. Kennedy. It did not take long for his next chance to reveal itself in the form of a battered and bruised Undertaker.

Intelligence is a virtue often overlooked. It brings great reward to those who welcome it. Now, Edge is no longer a pawn, but rather a knight in the world of sports-entertainment, and he is well on his way to becoming a king.

The foolish members of the New Breed of ECW should take a lesson. These competitors have lost their sense of strategy and are doomed to suffer the consequences. Matt Striker, a man who claims to be a teacher, has become a student of misdirection under the leadership of Elijah Burke. My Kevin Thorn chose to abort this sinking ship, and he will benefit greatly from this clever choice. For when all the pieces fall in the Land of the Extreme, it will be my Kevin Thorn who has checkmate.

Don't thank me for bringing you this tale of aptitude and success. Thank the cards, for they know all.

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