In the Cards for 05/03/07

In the Cards for 05/03/07

This week, the cards tell the story of an exceptional extreme member of the dark world of sports-entertainment. It is a tale of both fear and success.

Before proceeding with this week's prophecy, I would like to look back to last week's forecast regarding the misfortunes of one Bobby Lashley. Mr. Lashley looks lighter than ever with his most prized golden accessory removed from his waist. Those who did not heed the cards' prediction should rethink their actions, for the cards have once again proven to know all.

This week, the cards see a Superstar who is more than a man. He is beyond mortal. This week's prophecy is about my Kevin Thorn and the beginning of his journey to the peak of sports-entertainment.

The Land of the Extreme became more dangerous when the vampire left the New Breed faction. Oh, he and I may be on our own, but that only creates an unpredictable atmosphere for the others who wander the Land of the Extreme.

The cards bring a warning this week to those sloths in the ECW jungle. Be forewarned that the vampire Superstar is loose and armed with a wicked bite and an undying hunger for the ECW World Title, which will only be quenched when all has been destroyed that stands in his path.

Don't thank me for this tale of dark triumph. Thank the cards, for, as always, they know all.

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