In the Cards for 04/26/07

In the Cards for 04/26/07

This week, the cards tell a most interesting tale of numbers.

The man who currently boasts the ECW World Title has reason for his confidence, for he walks tall in the Land of the Extreme. Still, our champion's head has inflated to a size too large to be contained in the jungles of ECW. It has led him to a place where the competition outweighs him and where he is destined to become a victim.

Bobby Lashley should not blame me, or the cards, for this story of doom. It is his own foolishness that has led him to the quicksand he now wears beneath his shoes.

One man can only be so powerful. Numbers do not lie, but Bobby Lashley does -- in the grave he has dug with his own hands. Now, there is no turning back. The ECW World Champion is stuck in his own trap, and his most prized possession will be relinquished to the man with greater intelligence and overall greater power.

Like a stuntman who will continue to leap greater lengths until he has met his match, Bobby Lashley has reached a hurdle that towers above him. A regime change is in order, and it awaits him at the end of this one-way street his travels.

Don't blame me for this tale of the end of an era. Blame Bobby Lashley, for he has made his own bed of misfortune.

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