In the Cards for 04/19/07

In the Cards for 04/19/07

This week, WWE fans witnessed a story of surprise and fortune. On Monday, the world of sports-entertainment was shocked when a European gladiator emerged from a vast den of ravenous fanhood to seek an unattainable wealth. At the hands of the extreme flag bearer, the young Italian hero found himself the possessor of Intercontinental glory. Those who were shocked, however, paid little attention to the cards, for the cards long foresaw this tale.

Just weeks ago, we learned about the youthful river of blood that has been washing through not only ECW but all of WWE. Marella epitomizes those who have been fortunate enough to benefit from this phenomenon. Be sure to pay heed to the cards, as they foretell the river's activity, continuing to move upstream throughout the land of titans.

This week, the cards bequeath a message of forewarning.

As the WWE Chairman would concur, mistakes happen. Sometimes, they are impossible to avoid. Forgiveness exists for such instances; however, amnesty will not come to those unworthy. Those who embark on a journey through the Land of the Extreme on their own are foolish and will suffer consequences, but those who covertly disguise themselves to thieve a free ride will experience far worse. The cards cannot even forecast the doom that composes the future of a snake.

Consider me not the manufacturer of this advice of moral and warning.  I am just the messenger. Praise the cards, for they know all.

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