In the Cards for 03/29/07

In the Cards for 03/29/07

This week, the cards tell a most intriguing tale of giants, titans, dreams… and failure.

Rivalries will be determined once and for all, beginning with the clash for control in the Land of the Extreme. For months, the nostalgic Originals of ECW have been clinging to the past like a young boy might cling to hopes of one day becoming Superman. As would the young boy, however, these elders with naïve aspirations will face reality on the grandest stage of them all. They will seize any remaining power they fantasize having and will officially pass the torch to the next generation of extreme greatness.

Also in the midst of Sunday night's storm, gold will be put to the test to prove strength and deserved ownership. Each contest will bring a division in the world of sports-entertainment, a division so grave that all four competitors will experience more suffering than glory. An extreme champion will test our great leader in a formidable battle of follicles and social leviathans. There seems to be no end to the list of who the storm of WrestleMania will bring face-to-face.

When the clock strikes midnight on this night of triumph and heartbreak, there will be no calmness as there remains at the end of most storms. There will be no serenity in the world of Raw Superstars, no tranquility within the Friday-night competitors and no peace in the Land of the Extreme. There will only be further unfinished business as those who suffer great loss from the storm will seek their own justice in vain. A dark cloud will be cast over these Superstars, particularly those in ECW, for they will have already relinquished the torch of authority, and are doomed to further embarrass themselves.

Don't thank me for this tale of honesty and unsettlement. Thank the cards, for they know all.

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