In the Cards for 03/22/07

In the Cards for 03/22/07

This week, the cards tell a most interesting story. It is a story that concerns all of society and will shake the world to its very core.

There are but few billionaires who walk this earth. Two economic gargantuans now tower over the land of sports-entertainment, continuously exhibiting their prosperity and power. A colossal clash looms, however, and one man will be forced to relinquish his glory.

Sheer embarrassment awaits a once proud billionaire, and only the cards know who. Oh, some may think they can anticipate the outcome of this titanic confrontation based on words and petty actions exchanged throughout the weeks. There is only one moment, though, that can determine who wears the crown and who wears only skull.

Further success sits in the future for one of these strong leaders; however, do not take this as a setback for the man who bows his head in shame. Look at it as a lesson learned, for the loser of this match will gain in wisdom what he loses in beauty. Still, the winner will have the best of both worlds and peace of mind, knowing his knowledge led him to make the right decision in his choice of weapon.

Don't thank me for this prophecy of polarizing power. Thank the cards, for they tell all.

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