In the Cards for 03/08/07

In the Cards for 03/08/07

In a week that has virtually been lost in talks of hair and rattlesnakes, it is easy to forget one of the most foolish moments in sports-entertainment history. An instance took place that will have grave implications on the so-called straightedge Superstar, CM Punk. Rest assured, CM Punk's decision to turn down the New Breed's offer to join forces was not a mistake that the cards would overlook.

CM Punk has damned himself in his actions. When one receives an offer as gracious as the proposition from Elijah Burke, it is unwise to show anything but respect and gratitude. CM Punk, however, in his naïveté, did not act appropriately.

The straightedge Superstar exercised free will in his decision to walk away, and thus walk alone through the Land of the Extreme. His choice has shown that he is not wise beyond his age like Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, of course, and my Kevin Thorn.

It is understandable to ant to sympathize for this lone wanderer, but I assure you it is his own ignorance that has brought him to this place. Now, he no longer has a choice. He can only await the future of suffering and hell that lies before him, for those who walk alone in the Land of the Extreme are forever doomed.

Don't blame me for this tale of agony and misfortune. Blame CM Punk for his ill-considered actions and blame the cards, for they tell all.

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