In the Cards for 02/15/07

In the Cards for 02/15/07

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This week, the cards tell a somewhat obvious story. They tell a tale of denial in ECW.

It did not take the psychic knowledge of the art of Tarot to know who would emerge victorious in the ECW on Sci Fi contests. Even the simplest of mortals could tell that my Kevin Thorn, the Alpha Male, Elijah Burke and the Extreme Educator would prevail in the evening's challenges.

Now, like spirits who know not that they are dead, the ECW Originals roam the Land of the Extreme. They suffer from a delusional spell, believing they are still dominant forces in ECW. This hallucination, however, will only last for so long.

The future for the ECW Originals is a dreary one. It holds an extreme awakening for these daydreaming pioneers. Soon, they will suffer destruction so grave that even they will not be able to deny their place in the past of ECW's history.

Don't blame me for the sad fate of Sandman, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer and Balls Mahoney. Blame them for their naïveté, and thank the cards, for they tell all.

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