In the Cards for 02/08/07

In the Cards for 02/08/07

This week, the cards tell a most interesting story of extreme destruction in the land where dinosaurs still roam: ECW.

The poor men who once helped to build the Land of the Extreme are not content to leave their legacy with the past. Instead, these sad, proud men insist on being ghosts. Unfortunately for Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Rob Van Dam and Sabu, the cards know the truth.

A war has brewed between the Extremists and we have already begun to see the new breed take total control. My Kevin Thorn was the first soldier on the front line as he dominated Dreamer before my eyes. The Alpha Male continued the domination against Mahoney, as did Elijah Burke over perhaps the saddest Extremist of them all, Rob Van Dam.

These five has-beens may think they enjoyed the last laugh on ECW on Sci Fi, but they are as delusional about that as they are about their destiny. A new blood flows through the Land of the Extreme: a blood too rich for the likes of the so-called Originals. Doom awaits these five Extremists as the blood washes over ECW, and just like the dinosaurs who once roamed Earth, the ECW Originals cannot escape their inevitable extinction.

Don't blame me for this tale of woe for the five poor men. Blame the cards, for they tell all.

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