In the Cards for 02/01/07

In the Cards for 02/01/07

This week, the cards tell a tale of justice and revenge. Kevin Thorn's vanished championship opportunity, which is merely temporary, will take its toll on those who think they may prosper now.

Last Tuesday, a shadow cast upon ECW on Sci Fi. As the cards foretold, Bobby Lashley's time in the light has come to a chilling end, for a member of the walking dead has ushered a black cloud on the man and his ECW World Title.

This encounter does not prophesize Undertaker as a bearer of ECW gold. On the contrary, this was an allegory for what the future holds for the Land of the Extreme. This member of the dead foreshadows the success of the Extreme undead.

My Kevin Thorn had his fate at Royal Rumble taken from him by a giant, a freak of nature. Do not fret, though. Even giants cannot alter a man's destiny, and destiny is gold for Kevin Thorn. Bobby Lashley may be preoccupied by the dead, but it is the undead he should fear.

Don't thank me for revealing the future of ECW's most prize possession. Thank the cards, for they tell all.

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