In the Cards for 01/11/07

In the Cards for 01/11/07

This week, the cards tell yet another dark tale for one of ECW's brightest personas. The cards hold a future of pain for the fair-haired, Barbie girl whose last name matches her first.

A most disturbing story surfaces about a desperate Diva who will make a premature return to ECW. In an act of wisdom beyond her age, Kelly Kelly took a leave of absence after being publicly disgraced by her passionate ex-boyfriend Mike Knox. The cards, however, foretell that her intelligence comes up short in deciding to come back for more.

Destiny holds a relentless fate for this Diva. The pain she felt when Mike Knox dropped her to the canvas was only the beginning. The wound ripped open from the humiliation of it all was merely a taste of what is to come, for Kelly Kelly turned on Mike Knox and lost her lover, her companion and most importantly, her protector. The naïve child chooses to roam ECW by herself. While she may think this life is all fun and games, she is doomed to suffer a rude awakening, for the Land of the Extreme is a jungle.

Oh, don't blame me for this bleak tale of sorrow and anguish; blame the cards, for they tell all.

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