In the Cards for 01/04/07

In the Cards for 01/04/07

This week, the cards tell a most intriguing story. They tell a tale of 2007: the year for the new breed of Extremists and a year that will take a toll on the ECW Originals.

As the cards foretold, Rob Van Dam suffered a harsh fate in his latest attempt to obtain ECW gold. Again, the desperate Extremist is left with a naked waist and a mind filled with his unrealized fantasies.

Likewise, another ECW Original experienced his worst nightmare when Balls Mahoney was left lying in the ring, choking on his failure to overcome the force of my Kevin Thorn.

As for the ECW World Title, the true No. 1 contender cannot be determined by the mindless votes cast from naïve ECW fans. Only wins and pure talent add up to who is deserving of the top spot in the Land of the Extreme. Lashley should enjoy his championship, for his days are numbered. One day soon, a true No. 1 contender will emerge in the form of Kevin Thorn and he will take the title to where it belongs.

Don't thank me for relaying to you this prophecy. Thank the cards, for they tell all.

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