The Miz Blog: VMAs weekend in Vegas

The Miz Blog: VMAs weekend in Vegas

MTV's VMAs weekend never disappoints, so you know WWE's chick magnet had to be there for the festivities. I arrived on Friday around 1:30 p.m., knowing I had to leave Saturday around 1:30 a.m. for Sunday's taping of ECW. I knew I had a lot to do in little time. Yes, I was leaving the day of the VMAs, and you may ask yourself, isn't that the best day to be there? The answer... NOPE. My favorite part of the VMAs isn't the show, it's the weekend, because you can go to gifting suites and get all kinds of free stuff. I'm not talking about a free T-shirt or two. I'm talking $300 True Religion Jeans, awesome shoes, designer clothes, speakers and $500 gift certificates from .com companies. It's insane. Then the parties were nuts, and since it was in Vegas this year, there were five parties a night that we wanted to hit. 

As soon as I arrived I started off at Tao Beach's gifting suite. My big gift was that a dentist wanted to put Veneers on me. That's like a $5,000 gift. I'm still debating whether I want to do it or not because I grind my teeth really bad and am not sure how that will affect me. The next place we went to was Caesar's, where I was meeting up with Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives), Brody Jenner (The Hills), Ryan Cabrera (singer/songwriter) and about 10 of my friends. It's always more fun when you're hanging with good peeps, getting free stuff and partying.

Anyway, at Caesar's they were pouring stuff on me -- anything you can think of, from lotions that I will never use, to underwear that I probably will use, to badass speakers, to free tickets to the Blue Man Group. It was insane. I had three girls carrying all my bags. I kind of felt sorry for them because the bags were bulky and heavy, and I wasn't carrying anything. However, I am a chick magnet and it was quite fun watching them follow me, and as soon as I got another bag, they'd smile and say, "Can I carry that one, too?" Oh, did I mention they were hot and wearing bikinis? Yeah, talk about feeling like a pimp. 

I took all my stuff back to our suite and the night began. First, we hit Tao to see Linkin Park perform. However, we left before they went on because my friend, Ricky, had to go to the Ludacris party. We definitely stood out at the Luda party. My favorite part of this place was signing Ludacris' card, "Happy 30th, brotha, Keep it real!!!" Then Gabrielle Union came up to me and asked how I've been, and kissed me on the cheek, and we never met before. We said hello and happy bday to Luda, and went to the pre-VMAs party at The Palms, which was terrible. We walked in and out.

Pure was next, and this had to be my favorite place. We walked right in, even though there was a huge line. We were meeting up with all our friends who had a table, so the VIP host was showing us where they were. He brought us to the main stage and said they were up there, that we were all good, and we'd find them. So we walked up, and as soon as I got in, some guy goes, "Hey, who are you with?" I drunkenly said, "Everybody and nobody," and walked on.  Then some guy put his arm out and said, "Where are you going?" I said, "To the other side to find my table," and walked on by. As soon as I stepped by, I realized I was walking right behind P. Diddy while he was on the mic pumping up the crowd. A security guard came up behind me and said, "Follow me to your table." I said, "Sweet, because I can't find it anywhere." He told me there was a secret way to get in, and we had to go outside to get to it. I was like, "OK."

As we walked outside, he said, "Hold out your hand so I can stamp you guys." He stamped something like "rejected" or "terminated," meaning we were getting kicked out of the club, and then he closed the door. The three of us stood there dumbfounded. That was the first time we actually didn't do anything wrong and got kicked out, and had no idea what for. We walked right back up to the front and went to the VIP host, which the security told him we got kicked out. He let us back in and took us to our table, which was at the side stage, not the main stage. The VIP host apologized because he took us to the main stage, and I guess the guy that I walked past and said, "Don't go that way," was one of Diddy's managers or something, and told them to kick us out.

We got back in and partied it up. It was so much fun because we had a free table, and there were about 10 of my friends, so we were all good. We left around 3 a.m., and saw Britney leaving the same time as us. Something happened, and I was mouthing off to one of the guys who was walking her to the car. I can't remember exactly what happened, all I know is I was sticking up for one of my friends, and as I was yelling, my friends were like, "Wrong guy to talk like that to." I'm like, "I don't care" (with a few curse's here and there). Then they were like, "That guy runs Vegas. He basically gave us that table tonight and the table at LAX." Boy, did I feel like an ass. Yep, guess I had a little too much to drink. Luckily, we solved everything at LAX and partied all night, then went to some underground club in LAX till like 6 a.m. Yeah, that's Vegas for ya. 

I woke up at 11 a.m. to my phone ringing off the hook. My car service was there to pick me up for the Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Poker Tournament at the Hard Rock. With a huge hangover, I grabbed my iPod and goggles, put on clothes, and ran out the door.  You may be asking why an iPod and goggles? Well, if you watch poker, all the pros have an iPod and sunglasses, so I decided since I suck half the time, that I may as well look like I know what I'm doing. I took pictures on the red carpet, where I was a tool and wore sunglasses on it because, well, I was hungover.

This was my first no limit poker game, so I was learning as I was playing. I started off really bad, but caught some breaks. I wanted that moment that you always see on ESPN -- the one where the guy goes all in and someone calls, they flip their cards and it's basically even. Then as they are standing up walking back and forth, one of the guys hits his card on the river to win. Well that happened. I almost had a straight, with three cards down, so I went all in, hoping to scare everyone. That didn't work, so we were going head to head. I needed a nine or a King to win as we were standing, with cameras flickering, and everyone watching from other tables. I hit a King and doubled up my money. It was a pretty cool moment. That moment didn't last, because I couldn't get any cards, and I didn't have enough to bluff people, and the blinds were getting out of control. I ended up making it to the final four tables, beating John Salley, Joe Simpson, Ryan Cabrera and Josh Henderson. I think it was the intimidating goggles and iPod that made me last that long. My last hand was a 10/Ace and my competitor had eight/King, and he hit his King on the river to take me out. Oh well. I went up to the gifting suite and got some badass jeans and sunglasses, so that made up for it. 

We had a cabana for the 50 Cent concert at Hard Rock that night. I could only stay for a bit, because I had to catch a plane. The concert was pretty funny because the stage was right next to the pool, and during the concert the stage started falling into the pool and 50 came out telling peeps to get out of the pool, but nobody moved because they were too excited that 50 was onstage. The concert ended, and nobody was hurt, but how many times can you say a stage fell into a pool? I saw Paris Hilton on the way out and said hi.  I'm starting to feel like I will go out of my way to say hi to her, but she won't do the same, so now I'm going to test my theory, and I will let you know how it goes. Next time I see her I will see if she comes to say hi to me. Time will tell.

My friends stayed in Vegas on Sunday, and told me I didn't miss anything too special.  Hell, I'd rather be performing in front of an ECW crowd then sitting, picking my nose through the VMAs. All in all, I love Vegas. I can only be there for a day; anything longer, I might lose too many brain cells. Plus there's only one of me, and too many beautiful women are there. Yep, chicks dig me and their men.... fear me.  Hoo RAH!!!

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