The Miz Blog: US Weekly Hot Hollywood party

The Miz Blog: US Weekly Hot Hollywood party

Talk about a party of all parties! I went to the US Weekly Hot Hollywood party, and I must say it was one of the best times I've had in a while. It was at one of the newest hotspots in Hollywood -- Opera/Crimson. I arrived like any chick magnet would: with the hottest girl there, Rachel Taylor of Transformers and See No Evil. (Relax, Extreme Exposé, we are just friends!)

My group walked right in and onto the blue carpet. Now, we all know my terrible luck with carpets. Every time I go, there's a huge star or a hot chick that goes in front of me, and this time was no different. I told my friends Rachel and Jonathan Sadowski (Live Free or Die Hard) to let me go first so I don't feel like such a tool. They laughed, but were cool with it. Then who walks right in front of me, but freaking Chris Brown and the camera lights flickered. I was next and decided to just say screw it and have some fun, since every big celebrity already went. I sarcastically said, "I know everyone's been waiting for me to take pics." Then, to my surprise, the bulbs were flashing -- not as much as Chris Brown -- but enough to make me not feel too stupid.

God, I hate carpets. I'm curious if anyone feels comfortable on them? You stand there with a stick up your ass and take a million pictures and try not to blink, while a dozen photographers are yelling at you. Meanwhile, you know all they really want is a girl's chest to pop out.

After the carpet there was a free gifting suite, but I decided not to get stuff because I didn't feel like dragging it around the party, plus I have so much junk from the MTV VMAs. I don't need anymore. I did take some fun pics for the Who's Hot in Hollywood photographer. I went after some of the guys from Heroes. Pretty sweet, in my book.

As we walked into the club, the host showed us to our table, and who did we share a table with but Jamie Lynn Spears!? I thought, ‘Damn, she looks better then Britney in her prime!' The only thing was, well... she's like 16. That's a little out of my age range. I did end up talking to her and her friends for a bit. She's a very sweet girl. Hopefully she won't follow in the footsteps of her sister.

The club was packed with TV celebrities. These are the celebs I like seeing. There were peeps from Heroes, The Office, Chuck, etc. I saw Lauren and Audrina (The Hills) and talked with them for a bit. It was kind of weird, though, because there was a camera all over us while we were talking. A while back, a couple of tabloids said Lauren and I had a romance, and that wasn't even the case. They have to realize that just because the chick magnet is hanging out with a bunch of girls, he's not dating all of them. Well, maybe just some... Haha.

I saw Stacy Keibler, who looked amazing. I haven't seen her in L.A. in awhile, so it's always nice to reminisce. Does anyone remember Lauren Jones? She was in WWE for like a month? Anyway, I ended up hanging out with her and getting pics in the photo booth. So much fun.

All in all, anytime you bring out the who's who in Hollywood, along with free drinks and good music, you know it's going to be a good time. I love L.A. The women are so amazing. It's like they took the top 10 percent of the hottest girls in the United States and put them in one area. But are there too many for me to handle? HA!

Until next time, remember I'm a chick magnet. Chicks dig me, and their men… fear me. HOO-RAH!!!

-- The Miz

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