The Miz Blog: 2008 Royal Rumble

The Miz Blog: 2008 Royal Rumble

In life you have times that are unforgettable. Times that cannot be replaced. Times you look back at and say, "Wow, I really did that." For me, this Royal Rumble was one of those times.

It all started Saturday when John Morrison and myself had an appearance at Game Stop next to Madison Square Garden. I thought it'd be another regular autograph signing where we arrive, sign a couple hundred autographs and then two hours later (two hours because that's how long we normally have them for) we'd leave. Boy, was that far from the truth. 

The limo picked us up and immediately I asked if we could stop by the Royal Rumble billboard in Times Square. Why, you may ask? Well I wanted my Johnny Drama moment. It's not every day a kid from Parma, Ohio, gets his face on a billboard right in the middle of Times Square. You're damn right I want my picture in front of it. 

After that whole fiasco we made our way to the Game Stop where our appearance was. Normally we circle around the place to see how the crowd is and, to be honest, this crowd was huge. We came a half-hour before and the line was around not only the building but the entire block. As soon as we got out of the limo it was like we were rock stars. The crowd went nuts chanting our names and rushing us. Luckily, security was all over it.

We got to the table and we were told to go really fast because they weren't expecting so many fans. It was pretty bad ass. During the autograph signing, the entire time people were chanting our names, girls were crying (yes, I said crying, bawling if you will) to meet us. It was insane. It didn't stop. Three hours later, an hour longer than we were supposed to be there, we were finally done. The manager said he had never seen anything like this. He said he had Tiger Woods there a month ago and it wasn't nearly as packed or crazy. Yeah, Tiger, be jealous, son. 

As we were leaving, I swear we felt like The Beatles. The fans stayed and as we were leaving they were cheering. Not only that, but we got into the limo and they start shaking it. As we pulled off, they chased it. It was nuts.

The next day was Royal Rumble. Now last year I got thrown out by The Great Kahli in four seconds -- not a great debut in my book. So this year I wanted to be remembered. I wanted to make an impact.

As I entered at No. 16, I thought my chances were really good. There were only 14 more peeps left to come in and Morrison and I had the plan to keep each other in until the end so we could work together to get people out. As I entered I went staight for whoever I could find. Amazingly enough, the first thing I saw was CM Punk with Morrison up on his shoulders, getting ready to toss him. I saved Morrison's ass. You're welcome. And tried to toss Punk. Didn't happen, but I ended up doing well. 

How awesome was it when "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka came out? Then, to top it off "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, was next. I've never seen a Rumble stop in its tracks and I've never heard such a reaction from the crowd than I did at that moment. I really can't explain it but to be in the ring at Madison Square Garden with 19,500 fans going nuts ... there's nothing like it. It was a moment when I looked around (seeing that everything stopped) and there was Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Superfly, Piper ... all these Superstars I watched growing up and I was in the ring with them trying to get an opportunity at title. Now even though I was amazed, don't think for one minute I didn't want to be the person to send my heroes packing while I had my chance. This was my time to shine. Unfortunately, that time came to an end when Mr. Kennedy put me over the top rope. I kicked him off and as I was about to go back into the ring, but Hornswoggle grabbed my hand and pulled  me out.

Now I've been catching a lot of heat for this. "OH MIZ, you got eliminated by a guy who's four feet tall." OK, first off, he never stepped into the ring. My question is, is he even a legal participant? Also, he came out of nowhere. He wasn't even in the ring. It could've happened to anyone. Last year I got eliminated by the tallest man (Khali) and this year I got eliminated by the shortest ('Swoggle). I'm still protesting that one. We will see what happens, but all in all, I wanted to be remembered and I think people will remember that one. Even if it was by that little s**t.

What's amazing is this: In 2001 I was on The Real World, back to New York creating The Miz and playing with a toy WWE title. Seven years later, I am in the Royal Rumble at Madison Square Garden in New York in front of 19,500 fans with a real Tag Team Title and trying to get a World Championship opportunity in the WWE. Goes to show you dreams can come true if you work hard enough. What no one really knows or considers is that while I was doing reality shows, I was studying and training with wrestling. I always meet people that say I want to do this or I am going to do it, but never do. I was never that person that was a go getter and at this Royal Rumble, I learned if you work hard, there is a pay-off. Don't think for a second that since I am back to where The Miz started and was in front of a sold-out MSG that I'm done, because I always aim to be the best and since I didn't win I don't consider that I am ... just wait. Whether that happens or not is another story, but you better believe I'm going to strive for it.

I'm WWE's Chick Magnet. Chicks dig me and their men fear me.

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