The Miz Blog: Ozzfest

The Miz Blog: Ozzfest

I've been to Ozzfest three times as a fan, so when I was told that not only was I going to be signing autographs at the show, but introducing the main stage, it was surreal to me. I remember when my friends and I used to go to Ozzfest. The setting was absolutely insane. The heaviest bands playing, the rowdiest crowds mosh pitting, everyone going nuts. There's truly nothing like it. We'd be those guys in every mosh pit.

I have so many stories... One time mosh pitting in Cleveland to Taproot, the singer actually came in the mosh pit while singing, and my friends and I picked him up and threw him up onto people to crowd surf. I remember rushing the main stage and standing front row for Pantera. I've seen all my favorite bands -- Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Taproot, Union Underground, Sevendust, Black Label Society, Ozzy and more. Ozzfest is a metalhead's dream concert, and The Miz was finally going to be a part of it. 

As soon as I arrived, security rushed me right over to my tent and right then and there I knew it was going to be a two-hour autograph session seeing that the line was insane. Let's put it this way -- the Mizfits were out. I can't tell you how many girls wanted me to sign their chests. Then one girl came up and wanted me to sign her rear. As she was pulling down her pants, I told her that it wasn't going to happen. Sorry I don't want my name on that body part. If my name is anywhere, I'll put it on your forehead so everyone can see it. Then there were the girls who wanted hugs. OK, I get it, I'm a chick magnet, but who the hell wants to hug anyone in 90 degree heat? Come on, it's just way too hot to be touching anyone. After about an hour I was drenched with sweat, but still girls would insist on trying to kiss me on the cheek. I wouldn't even kiss myself on the cheek after sweating that much. Chicks dig me, and I can't help it. 

After the signing I wanted to check out Hatebreed. I'm a huge fan of "I Will Be Heard." I heard it on the XXX soundtrack, and instantly it became an iPod favorite during my workouts. Hatebreed started the biggest circle pit I've ever seen. It went around this huge tent. It was craziness out there -- just how I remembered it. I wanted to be out there so bad, releasing all my frustrations on anyone in the mosh pit. That's why I loved Ozzfest. So much of it was such a release. However, there'd be no mosh pitting for me because I had to go to the main stage to introduce Lordi. 

Walking out on the main stage was a moment I will never forget. Ever have those moments where everything stops and you realize where you are? That's what I was feeling. What a rush!!! Since we were in Ohio, my home state, I went with the "OH-IO" chant. For those that don't know, whenever you're in Ohio and you yell "OH," everyone around you will yell "IO." It was pretty awesome. Then I talked about SummerSlam. And then I took another moment to remember being onstage at Ozzfest, because not everyone gets to have that experience. 

I wanted to see Ozzy again, so they set it up so I could meet him for a couple minutes. I walked in the room and literally walked right passed him. How many times can you say that? Then I went back and said it's good seeing you again. He looked confused, and his people were like, "Remember he interviewed you when you played on SmackDown?" We talked for a bit then, took a photo, and I was off to see Static-X.

Static-X rocked the place. After them, Lamb of God came on. I never heard them, but a lot of people in the autograph line said they were there to see them. I could tell why. They were really good. Ozzy closed the place, and he was amazing. The coolest part of the concert was when Zakk Wylde had a 15 minute solo. He was incredible. He's the best guitarist I've ever heard. During that solo, Blasko -- Ozzy's bassist -- came over and poured a shot and cheersed it up with me. I remember watching bands performing and seeing the musicians go off stage, do shots with peeps, then go back and continue playing. Never did I think I'd be one of those guys sharing a shot with a member of Ozzy's band. 

All and all, Ozzfest was incredible, as always. I had some unforgettable moments. However, right now I'm getting three girls text messaging me, so I have to leave and figure out which one I'll call back. I'll probably just flip a card, or if I play them right, maybe all three. Hey, I'm a chick magnet! Chicks dig me, and their men... fear me because there's nothing like being The Miz. HOORAH!!!!

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