The Miz Blog: Autograph signings with Jimmy Hart

The Miz Blog: Autograph signings with Jimmy Hart

I've been home two days in the month of October, and am I complaining? Hell no. I've been having a blast.

First, I went to Europe for what felt like forever, and now I'm on an autograph signing tour with Jimmy Hart. Yes, the legendary, Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart — this was like a dream come true. If anyone's ever met Jimmy, he's exactly who you remember him being. Still the same Mouth of the South. 

We started in Ocala, Fla., signing at the FYE store in the mall. I wasn't sure how the turnout would be, but boy was I surprised to see hundreds of fans standing for hours to get our autographs. I promoted the hell out of Cyber Sunday, seeing who fans were voting for... Of course, if they didn't vote for me yet, I made them promise they were going to go home and vote The Miz over Big Daddy V and John Morrison. Hey, it's a title opportunity and the other two have had their chances. It's The Miz's turn, and I won't be beat. 

Since we were in Florida, we were able to talk a lot about WrestleMania, seeing as it's going to be in Orlando this year and tickets go on sale this Saturday, Nov. 3. I asked every kid who was their favorite wrestler, and if they didn't say me the first time, I made them change it. I'm everyone's favorite wrestler in case you didn't know. If they said something else I'd rip up the autograph and refuse to give them a new one until I was their favorite. That's not mean, is it? Ha!

Next was Gainesville, Fla. We had a radio show in the morning where we had a blast. I was still thinking about my bed seeing it was 8 a.m., but Jimmy was how he always is, up and ready to go, baby. 

We got to the FYE in Gainesville early, and the fans were already lined up. I heard one girl was waiting since 4 p.m. and we weren't signing until six o'clock.  I told you I was a chick magnet. I must say Jimmy has some magnet in him as well, because everyone loves him. Fans had a bunch of his DVDs and some old school memorabilia for him to sign. I loved it when Mizfits brought my action figure for me to sign because I made them promise that when they are wrestling with it, I would never lose. So not only will nobody beat The Miz in real life, nobody will beat The Miz action figure, either. 

On the last day we ended up in Daytona, Fla., where we did a bunch of radio interviews to set up for the signing that night and to get everyone ready for WrestleMania tickets going on sale next week. The interviews went great. It was funny because we went in to be on one radio station, and it ended up that the location was next to a couple other stations. Everyone then was asking if we'd do their show. We did, of course, because The Miz needed more votes for Cyber Sunday...haha. 

We got to FYE, and the radio spots paid off because there were hundreds of peeps waiting. These fans were a little more hostile then the others. There were quite a few CM Punk fans, so I told them not to vote for me for Cyber Sunday, because I didn't want to put their little hero in the hospital. Ha!

All in all, the tour went really well. Working with Jimmy Hart was an absolute honor. I remember watching him as a kid, and now I am working hand-in-hand with him. I'm so not worthy. I've done events with him before, but on this tour we spent a lot of time together and I was able to get to know him a little more. I have to say, he has some of the most entertaining stories I have ever heard. If he ever needs anyone to manage, I'm gonna be first in line. Thanks to Adam for taking care of us. Thanks also to all the Mizfits for coming out. If you didn't come out to a Miz autograph signing you should and you'll find out why they call me a chick magnet. Until next time, chicks dig me and their men... fear me. Hoo Rah!!!!

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Check out photos from the autograph sessions.

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