Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 5

Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 5

Many things have happened since my last entry. I have defended my title against Ashley at WrestleMania and Mickie James at Backlash.

I am determined in my matches and confident in my abilities. I go into my matches knowing that I will come out victorious, because I will do whatever it takes to come out on top. Like I have said before, NO ONE wants that championship more than I do.

Ashley has spunk, and I see some fire in her eyes. However, like all the new Divas, she lacks experience and heart. I am a competitor and a fighter by nature. 

My heart is determined, and wants what it wants. I will not give up or settle for less. Not that Ashley gave up, she gave me her best, but sometimes we learn that our best just isn't good enough. This is a  lesson that many new Divas will learn. We will also see just how long they will last in a competitive world where it's all about hard work. Your looks will only take you so far.

I admit, Mickie has been my fiercest opponent. There have been moments when I wrestled against Mickie James where I worried that she might take my championship from me. Of course she didn't, but WOW.... what a rush that is. The challenge.... OMG!!! What a great feeling! 

Maybe that's why I LOVE to taunt her so — she keeps me on my toes.

In the next few weeks I will write about my thoughts and what is going on.

I will write about what I think of all the people who hate me, my best friend Victoria, and my relationship with Johnny Nitro. I guess maybe my thoughts on Candice Michelle because people are asking, but seriously, there is nothing to say. Good for her learning to wrestle, but she should have been learning the past two years like I have. I'm not impressed and I'm not worried. BUT I DO love the new challenge (even though it won't be much of one).

I do want to apologize to Candice though, when she was showing me that she wanted the Women's Championship after her match against Victoria, I honestly thought she was showing me the spare tire around her waist. It's just the first thing I saw when she did that motion, my bad. Honestly, how can you not notice that?  I suggest doubling up on the Tae Bo classes, and cutting out the carbs after 8:00 p.m.

I admit, being the Women's Champion is more difficult than I expected. I'm used to the attention, SURE! But there is so much to it, and I gladly accept it. I train harder and understand that I have a target on my head because everyone is gunning for my championship.

Everyone who doesn't like me in one way or another wants to see me fail. 

Well, too bad! I'm not going to! You think I'm a bad person? If you are sitting there hoping and wishing for me to fail, you are no better than I am! I am a human being (who just happens to be hot, sexy and can kick some @ss), who has a goal and has worked hard to achieve her dreams. Believe me when I say NO ONE is going to rob me of that!

Until my next confession, be true to yourself and don't let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough! (Unless your name is Candice Michelle or Ashley Massaro.)

The most dominant champion in wrestling history,


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