Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 9

Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 9

Santino's comments

Wow … I heard that and stopped what I was doing and ran to the TV … Did he say what I thought he said? Wait ... No seriously ... Did he say that?

I had mixed feelings … I laughed a bit; but everyone laughs at Santino Marella. I mean Snoop Dogg kicked his @ss and made out with his girl! When I finished laughing, it all sank in ... I was really upset. Santino said he was involved in the lowest form of sports-entertainment: WWE Divas. That WWE Divas should not even be competing. They should be at home looking pretty walking around making pasta and making babies. Hello!!!! Santino, when was the last time you wrestled at WrestleMania? You escorted ME to the ring!

Again, how can you not laugh at his comments? They are so ridiculous! But what pisses me off is that there are people out there that feel that way. I met a fan who told me he didn't care about the BunnyMania match. He just wants to see us walk around in our little outfits. Are you serious? Well this little girl who wears cute outfits could take him out in a second. I can't believe that!

I'm confused. What do people want?! I hear comments like that and then I hear the true fans that say "let the women wrestle." You, our fans, are the ones with the voice. You are the ones to say what you want. I pray you want wrestling because that's why I'm here.

When I watched as a fan, as a female I wanted someone I could look up to and say I want to be strong like her. Not, I can't wait to stand around and have people look at me in little outfits. Anyone can just stand around. Girls do that all over the world and it's not a big deal. If you want to see that, go to the mall! Or watch ECW!

When you turn to USA on Monday nights to watch wrestling, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to do what very few women in this world can do! Throw down!!! Not very many women in this world have the patience, athleticism and tolerance for pain that we do. Or go through the travel schedule that we do while being expected to look gorgeous.

You don't think I work out as hard as the men? I may have a different type of body - smaller and not with the ability to move like them - but I'd like to have someone watch me work out, see what I can do physically and see if they can do it! Don't say I don't work hard for what I do. I take a beating, too! I get punched and kicked in the face and hit with crazy moves ... and I'm still here. NO ONE, male or female, is going to tell me I don't belong in wrestling!

I may not be all that, but I ALWAYS strive to be better than I was before. I give my all. And to hear that when I'm in the ring in pain, a person doesn't care that we get hurt ... "Huh huh, nice boobs?" WTF?

I express myself in everything I do: My clothes, makeup and hair. I'm not saying I get angry if you think my outfit is cool. If you like my look and my physique, thank you. I work hard every day to stay in the kind of shape I need to be in. But don't say that every hard-working Diva is doing what they do for nothing. That it doesn't mean anything because I'm telling you right here, right now, that it means the world to me.

My biggest fear is that you do think that. That people out there think females have no business in this sport. Well, if you do, I'm going to prove you wrong. This past month was women's history month. I look at those women we praised for what they have done and I think about how people told them they had no business stepping into the ring. But look at what they accomplished!

I hope people see that women in wrestling don't just struggle amongst each other for that glorious Women's Championship. We fight for our right to exist there, in a male-dominated environment where we work every bit as hard as the guys. Well as long as I'm here, I will fight to show that I belong. Some girls may be fine with showing off their skimpy outfits. Those women that have no passion are the women Santino is talking about. I'm not satisfied with that. I am not here to just strut around and look gorgeous (even though I'm pretty hot! =p). I'm here for much more. I'm here to push myself and work toward that championship.

If you want to think that I will never measure up and be what the male Superstars are, guess what? I'm not trying to be the next Triple H, John Cena or Undertaker. All I want to be is ME: Melina. Take a good look and watch me in the ring, watch my passion, watch my aggression, my intensity, my flexibility, my creativity and my presence. As I will never be like them,  THEY will never be like ME.

 ~The Most Dominant Diva in Wrestling,

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