Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 8

Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 8

Thoughts regarding BunnyMania

You have to understand, I may not write very frequently, but you know that when I do write something it's what I feel with my heart and it's what I strongly believe. I am very passionate in everything that I do. My writing, my workouts, my entrance, my wrestling and in love. That is me. When you see me, you are going to get just that: MELINA. I will continue to say, whether you love me or hate me, you can't help but watch me!

My message about Playboy is ... if you want to do it, that's fine. If that is your dream, your goal and your personal achievement for YOUR life, that's fine. Just know, that isn't mine. I am a physical person, so it makes perfect sense for me to choose wrestling. I am a woman of action and never want to be one of those women in distress, if I can help it.

I have trained for eight years and I continue to train to better myself in this physical art form that I love with all my heart. And I will fight for it and work hard to be great at it with everything I have.

Last year, Playboy got more recognition than the Women's Championship. Winning the Women's Title has been my dream since I stepped foot in a ring. Think of the great women who fought for that championship. That title means a great deal to me. Why take a step into that ring unless you are working toward being the one on top ... getting better than when you last stepped in there?

Sorry if I'm competitive, but geez! No one goes into the Olympics just to look nice or to just be seen there. You compete to be the best in the world! So my point is plain and simple. That WWE ring is meant for people to get down to the nitty gritty and to get right down to business.

Don't get in my face about how many magazine covers you have been on, because I really don't care. If that was my goal, I wouldn't be in wrestling; I'd still be modeling right now. I left that because I found where I belong ... what drives me and what moves me.

Granted, BunnyMania brought in Snoop Dogg, but we all know Snoop came because it's WrestleMania. WRESTLEMania. So my game plan was to do just that. The one big day we wait for all year where everyone around the world comes to see us go all out ... to do more and be greater than we have ever been.

Now Let me tell you something. I went out that curtain with Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella sharing a common goal. I wanted to make a point and teach the "Bunnies" a lesson. Those lil' girls, they kind of impressed me that night. Well, they never had a chance. They had to have known that! But they kept going. They tried. They kept fighting. Even though I may not like them all that much, I give them credit for not giving up. 'Cause God knows I have beaten Maria and Ashley SO many times. And that night, they still tried.

You may hate me and think I have a horrible attitude, but you want to know something? You may hate me for beating up on Divas such as Maria and Ashley, but  remember, this isn't ballet. Each time these girls get in the ring, I make them want this. I make them work! I make them a little bit tougher and I make them a little bit better for the next time they step into the ring. Sure, they will NEVER be me, but if it wasn't for me giving them a good old fashioned @ss whoopin', they will never come back to do their personal best.

You may have your personal opinions on me ... but face it ... those girls NEED me!

The Most Dominant Diva in Wrestling,

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