Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 3

Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 3

This week: Ashley in Playboy? Who cares?! Pretty won't cut it in the ring with the Women's Champion.

It feels great to be a winner. Like I said in a prior blog, when you reach the top — jealousy comes out of the woodwork. Now Ashley wants to join in. This is going to be good.

Okay. I understand everyone's goal in wrestling is to be the champion. I understand where Mickie and Ashley are coming from, because I was on that side of the fence a few weeks ago. I was hungry, wanting and working to be the best. I understand. Everyone else must understand, just as I have clawed my way here to become the Women's Champion, everyone else who comes after me has to be ready for a hard, gruesome and dirty fight because I'm not going to hand my championship over very easily.

I'm going to give it to Mickie; she gives me a run for my money. That crackpot nearly killed herself to get this championship from me. That's what every opponent is going to have to realize. This isn't ballet. You are going to have to want this championship that bad to win it. You are going to have to want it more than I do, and I don't see that in anyone I've come up against.

Ashley wants to lay her hands on me? She has made the worst mistake of her life.

I can't remember anyone who has crossed my path and disrespected me that didn't get what's coming to them. How stupid can a person be? She wants to play with the big girls, then, let's go. Let's play! This isn't going to be pretty, just pretty painful.

Screw this; this is for you, Ashley! You want to claim I'm jealous of you because you posed for Playboy?! Please! Are you serious? I'm the Women's Champion, honey. I'm proud and loving it. I am at the top. I am obviously where YOU want to be.

Yes, I've never liked you, just look at you! Why should I? Just remember that YOU were the one to cast the first stone when you shoved me down on Raw. Now, you have opened a door that you are going to regret you ever touched!

That Looney Tune Mickie still attempted to take the championship from me with a jacked-up neck, and I did a job to her face! You want to get in the ring with me? You want to get sassy with me? We'll see how your face looks for your next magazine cover after I'm through with you.

While you sat there picking your nose and wondering when's the next time you could brag about your stupid Playboy spread again, I hope you paid close attention to the first ever Women's Falls Count Anywhere Match that Mickie and I had — won by, Yours Truly, of course.

Think about it, Ashley. I was dropkicked in the crotch right off the apron, and rammed into walls, tables and furniture. I was punched, kicked and had my hair ripped out of my skull. I remain the Women's Champion, you lame little skank. What are you going to do to me to pry my title from my hands?

You should have thought this one through before you opened your mouth.

That's the end of this confession, and I feel so much better now —  though I know I'm going to be walking on clouds the day I tear Ashley apart. That feeling is simply going to be wonderful!


Winner of the historical first ever Women's Falls Count Anywhere Match and Women's Champion,


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