Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 2

Internet Confessions of a True Diva, No. 2

This week: Find out what the Kyrapractor is, and how it fits into this statement: Candice WHO?!

The following are the True Confessions of a Huge Bitch. Everything I'm about to say I won't feel bad about or regret. To tell you the truth, I don't care if people see me as a bitch. I have every right to act the way I do and feel the way I do. I am the way I am for a reason, and I won't change for anyone.

I read Candice's blog, and I have to say I laughed so hard! Now that I'm officially on top, the jealousy is going to come out of the woodwork at full speed.

For those of you that don't already know, I was born and raised in California — so I'm a Cali girl through and through. In 2000, I began my wrestling career at The School of Hard Knocks in San Bernardino, Calif. There, my trainer Jesse Hernandez showed me a hold that I used as a finisher in the indies.

My indy name was Kyra, and the hold was called the Kyrapractor. Jesse taught me that hold, as I am sure someone else taught him. This hold has been used by many other wrestlers. I'm positive that wrestlers all over the world have used this hold. So for Candice Michelle to say she invented the move is ignorant and self-righteous. Anywho, I was using this move as a finisher in 2000. What was Candice doing at that time? She sure wasn't training to become a wrestler like I was.

I busted my butt to be where I am today. You wonder why I'm such a bitch? I have dumb broads bitching about me using a finisher, because they can't come up with anything else. I have to cater to people who have never struggled a day the way I have — to be where I am right now.

I've trained with men who roughed me up because they didn't feel women belonged in wrestling. I've had my ass handed to me by guys day in and day out. When I worked with most women they would knock my teeth in because of jealousy, or they just had a chip on their shoulders and had something to prove. If you wanted to be a wrestler, you took the hits and kept going. It made me tougher and stronger. To tell you the truth, going through that weeds out the people who just want to be on TV from those who truly love wrestling.

In January 2002, I was fortunate to have been scouted by Tom Pritchard. I went to workouts with WWE when they did shows on the West Coast.

I would drive 14 hours or more if I had to. I did that for two years. I also tried out for Tough Enough 3 and didn't make it.

Then at the end of 2003, my California dream came true. WWE signed me in San Diego, where four years later I came back to that very same building as the new Women's Champion. Do you know what that meant to me? I was just a girl hoping to get a contract, NOW look at where I am. Coming back to that arena holding the championship meant more than anyone could possibly imagine.

I was always told I was too short, too fat, too small, too ugly or not good enough. People would tell me every negative comment under the moon, and that I would never make it. I kept going. I knew in my heart that I could make it, and that I was meant for this. My love for wrestling and my determination got me through all the crap I had to endure.

I went to OVW and trained for two years. I developed my skills as a manager.

So I didn't win/lose a contest and get put on TV. I struggled for my right to be there.

I have had broken bones, gotten stitches, dislocated my kneecap and more. I have literally given blood, sweat, tears and bones to be part of WWE.

Candice Michelle, what wrestling school have you gone to? How did you get your job here with WWE?

Candice, do you actually think in that pathetic pea brain of yours that I want to be you? All you are known for is Big whoop! That's all you got! I'm living my dream! I'm The Most Dominant Diva in wrestling, Manager of Champions and the Women's Champion! Yeah, as if I'd trade spots with you. I'm an athlete, what are you?

In my WWE wrestling career, I have lost to two people: Trish and Mickie.

Mickie has beaten Trish and Lita for the championship, and I beat Mickie. Those women were the best.

A hot, wise stud said, "To be THE MAN, you have to beat THE MAN." In our case, to be the best you have to beat the best. I am the new Women's WORLD Champion now. You may not like me but YOU WILL respect me. As for Candice, call me when you run out of tissues.

The Biggest Bitch and the Truest Diva in WWE,

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