Kharma blogs, owes J.R. "a great gratitude"

Kharma blogs, owes J.R. "a great gratitude"

During Kharma's address to the WWE Universe on Monday Night Raw, the destructive Diva recalled how WWE Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Ross once called her "too fat" to ever compete in WWE.

After seeing negative online backlash against "Good Ol' J.R.," Kharma explained in a blog post how the Oklahoman ultimately helped her reach her dreams of joining the WWE roster.

The following is Kharma's blog post in its entirety:

I've been told that a lot of people are taking pot shots at Jim Ross lately.

If @JRsBBQ hadn't shot from the hip all those years ago, I wouldn't of had the fire to succeed as much as I did. I wouldn't of had the strength to sacrifice being with my family, my country, my native tongue to live in Japan for 6 years and learn this craft.


I owe Mr. Ross a great gratitude. Not only for setting me on my path to success, but also being there with open arms at the end of my journey and escorting me to the finish line.


Many of you may not know this but JR lobbied for my recruitment to WWE. We met at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas and I became fast friends with him and his lovely wife. He had heard the noise I was making in the industry and graciously gave me kudos.


You never have to worry about where you stand with JR. He'll give you constructive criticism when you need it and praise when you've earned it. He's no sycophant and that is something to be celebrated.


I'm hoping you all send him a thankful salutation, I know I will.

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