Horrific captivity

Horrific captivity

Last Summer on SmackDown, Kane administered a personal reign of terror over Ranjin Singh, kidnapping him from ringside before dishing out his own special brand of dread on The Great Khali's helpless, young interpreter. As scary as it is, however, it is in no way an isolated incident. Instead, it represents the latest in a horrifying series of abductions by The Big Red Monster over the years.

In 2001, Kane assisted his brother Undertaker by hoisting a captured Stephanie McMahon high into the air, threatening to drop her from incredible heights if The Deadman's bidding was not done. In 2005, he kept Lita from a special, in-ring moment with Matt Hardy, forcing the fiery redhead into isolation with him for reasons too unspeakable to relive here. The WWE Universe held its collective breathe last summer when Kane mysteriously held the unoccupied mask of Rey Mysterio inside a bag, eventually drawing the fury of not only the returning Mysterio, but The Animal, Batista. And in December 2008, he pushed Kelly Kelly into the darkest reaches of her soul in order to root out the true object of her affections.

What truly lies behind Kane's continuous actions of darkness? Are the motives of The Big Red Monster's unspeakable actions purely evil? Or in his own twisted way, could he be trying to show the WWE Universe as it truly is? In an era where Superstars such as Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho & CM Punk are trying to tell both Superstars and fans what is good for them, could Kane's sadistic behavior simply be the most effective method of all?

In most of the abductions he has carried out, Kane has separated his prey away from their comrades and the grandeur of the fans, moving them into a frightening forum of solitude, whether it is to a dark part of the arena or to eye-popping heights above. Only there, with fear-induced methods and in the darkness of total isolation on his side, does he shine a spotlight on the souls of his helpless victims, making them face the truth about themselves.

In every case, the ultimate target of his rage does not actually seem to be the Superstar or Diva under his capture, but someone stronger that he wishes to draw into his web of turmoil. When he took Singh for instance, he insisted that The Great Khali come find them. The unrelenting and brutal actions of The Big Red Monster's tortured soul continue to bring the wrath of some of WWE's most dangerous Superstars.

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