Home from Iraq

Hey everybody, it's CM Punk. I'm trying to degrizzle myself from the Iraq trip, which was extremely rewarding, but also one of the most exhausting experiences of my life. I made some new friends over there: a lot of troops. I want to say hi to them, if they're reading this. Come home safe.

I will have detailed experiences in written blogs. I believe the reason they haven't been put up yet is due to the fact that we got mortared while we were over there. I'm just trying to get over traveling in a C-17 cargo jet for a solid 24-hours straight on the way back. So you have all that to look forward to reading on the website soon.

The holidays are coming up. I'm not really one to celebrate, but I do want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. I'm sure I'll do that again in my next couple of blogs as the holidays approach. For everybody out there who was wishing me well going into Iraq: thank you very much. I'm home. I'm safe. I'm just grizzled. So keep watching ECW. Keep supporting CM Punk. Keep buying the T-shirts.


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