Halloween Night

Halloween night. I love this night. This is my Christmas. Everybody else celebrates Christmas like I celebrate Halloween or I celebrate Halloween like everybody else celebrates Christmas.

It's a couple days after my birthday and I'm not a big birthday guy. What I like to do is get as many of my close friends as I possibly can in one spot and we all go do something fun. I'm not big on presents or anything like that, except if you want to buy me cool mp3 players or something really expensive that I don't have. But we got together with a group of friends ("Sexy" Ace Steel, Seth Skyfire and the infamous Roadkill) and my old friend from Chicago, Miss Latutu and we all went to the Gwar concert in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday night and it was off the hook. I hope to somehow get some pictures up -- before and after pictures of before we went into the concert and then when we left after the concert because we all looked like we were dressed for extras in a zombie movie. It was great. I can't thank all my buddies enough for coming out and hanging out with me. I felt like I was 15 again and it was a really good time. And I like having a good time.

And unfortunately, what ruins my good time is Mike Knox, who I have been repeatedly challenging for weeks and weeks and weeks and now, I hear through the grapevine he has challenged me. It's kind of backwards since I've been calling him out for weeks now and very simplistically, the only thing I have to say if Mike Knox wants to step into the ring with CM Punk is a very enthusiastic yes. I say we do it next week and we do it until one of us doesn't walk away.


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