The real CM Punk

The real CM Punk

I basically want to just officially get this out there. I've done it via my website, but apparently that doesn't get the word out enough. I do not have a MySpace account. I never have and I never, ever will.

There are probably a good 50 fake CM Punk MySpaces and I constantly get fans that say, "Hey, I'm so-and-so. I talked to you on MySpace." Or "Hey, I emailed you and you emailed me back." I think that's very sick and weird that somebody would want to pretend to be me. It's one thing just having a MySpace, but actually talking to fans and pretending to be me is pretty weird.

It's not easy to be me and sometimes it's not fun. I'm kind of flattered, but also I'm sick of it. I don't want anybody to think that I have a MySpace. I'm too lazy to go after the fake CM Punk MySpaces, but I figured I'd just let the fans know I do not have a MySpace. I repeat, I do not have a MySpace. I never will. I never have. MySpace is for hooking up with people. I don't have a MySpace.

The thing that really insults me about the fake MySpaces -- because yes, I do read them from time to time -- is that people get all my information wrong. The pretty common information like when I was born and where I was born, they get; but they get the names of my little sisters wrong and what religion I am. Some of the music they say I like is just absolutely reprehensible.

It turns my stomach that these people think they know me that well that they can put my stuff up there. My Photobucket account got hacked one time, so everybody has the same pictures of me. They're personal pictures because they were on my digital cameras. So that really pisses me off, too, when I see personal photos being used.

I don't have a MySpace. Go Bears.

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